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Jindal: Obama, Congress Are “Psychologically Incapable of Getting our Fiscal House in Order”

Warrior11 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 12:57 AM
This Fiscal Cliff demands an Accountability and Responsibility Law to be enacted to rein in our Legislators. Neither the House nor the Senate should ever be allowed to excessively indebt or tax the People except during a Declared War or a declared National Emergency. The People have the power to demand a remedy and now is the time to stop the financial bleeding and exact retribution without compassion or limits. Many laws enacted to buy power should and could be reversed and taxes with held until all excesses are attenuated and reviewed for repeal.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has penned an interesting op-ed in Politico today in which he recommends four structural reforms congressional Republicans should pursue vigorously during the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations. They are as follows (emphasis mine):

A federal balanced budget amendment. States have balanced budget laws, small businesses have to balance their budgets, and families have to do the same. This is an idea that is supported by virtually every American who does not live in the 202 area code. It’s common sense. It is also laughed at in Washington. When you mention the BBA as a solution, they...