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Neal--Well thought out and well presented.
Why are we always involved with saving our idiots? If a Repub Senator is foolish enough to schmooze with Schumer he had better wear a flak jacket that protects against a stab in the back. Schumer is the most dangerous politician in America, he is Communist to the core. Old style (pre-1917) Menshevik Communist. He will spend his life trying to establish a worldwide Communist order.Rubio is warming his hands at the fire of the enemy--we need to abandon him.
Melissa is the poster woman for all that is wrong with Blackness in America. She claims her Black half for political advantage, she was dismissed for lack of scholarly work, she has a house in New Orleans that was destroyed by Hurricane Isaac, she is an aluminum coated opportunist, and she apparently thinks tampons make nice ear rings. Poor are the parents whose children have been taught by this misguided floundering product of a failed educational process.
You, Melissa Harris-Perry, should have empathy for the American Black; they are forced to shop at Wal-Mart, drink American beer, watch 50 inch flat screen TV, and drive a nice car. They would be happier sitting with their naked butt in the dust in an African village, wearing a loin cloth, making crooked arrows for their homemade bow, while a 350 pound lion stalks them for lunch. Sometimes misfortune is just 3 letters from reality.
Obama does not deserve a legacy---when he leaves office, every remnant of him must be expunged and destroyed.No record of him should be kept or remembered.
If only you had swapped places with Trayvon, maybe----just maybe.
Chris will never speak for me. He is a racist and a racist apologist. Chris accepts 100 year old stories as if they happened yesterday. I was raised in SC, I have never seen any one (Black or white) hung in a tree, I have never seen a KKK meeting, I have never been asked to join the KKK, no one in my family has ever been in the KKK, nor have they been asked to join. It is easy to hide behind an excuse to explain a personal failure; it is tough to take responsibility for your lack of preparation for life.
Why pay the Clintons? Bill lied to us all and shook his finger in our face while doing it. Most of you weak sisters out there have forgot or forgiven him. I cannot. Any elected official who knowingly lies to his constituency should be summarily shot. Clinton could not have been confused by his sexcapade; his DNA was on the dress. Frankly, I would not walk across the street to see him, unless he was being hanged. Hillary has lied also and excused it with, "What difference does it make"? Scum !!!
No, Bloomberg is the problem, Bloomberg is engaging in a soliloquy on guns and gun control. No one is listening except his mirror and the few idiots that want to disarm us. Bloomberg is an echo in an empty attic.
No, you need to teach young Black men how to behave in Society. It is not appropriate to resolve all conflicts with the fists by hitting each other. That behavior will run the risk of the legal use of deadly force. Additionally, bullying is unacceptable conduct particularly when emulating some thug from the "hood".
It would not be hard to defeat every radical on any college campus in America with just 25 combat trained soldiers. The only problem we would encounter would be controlling all those in detention after they surrendered. Students are by nature cowards and seek anonymity in any action they attempt. They are as roaches, they run when illuminated. Their bravery is limited to the confines of the Fraternity house.
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