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Axelrod on Immigration Leak: WH Would Probably ‘Take it Back’ If They Could

Warrior11 Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 9:57 AM
Someone needs to ask Axelrod what part his family played in the Bolshevik Revolution and the institution and sustainment of Communism under Lenin and Stalin. Axelrod was a big player in the Communist game of take-over. Google it and read about the Axelrod complicity.
pow1000 Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 10:13 AM
Yes, he was a "Red Diaper Baby". His whole family was commie Bolshevics and our government has been taken over by them. The people of the United States have been dumbed down now for generations by the public education system. Most of the young people dont even know what communism is. Perfect time to make their move. Count Soros, Axelrod, Ayers, Emanuel, Bloomberg into that, the Radical 60's guys. 0bama is their mouth piece, since he can speak and is better looking than they are.

The White House’s leaked immigration proposal caused quite a stir among GOP lawmakers over the weekend, who felt it threatened bipartisan progress on immigration reform in Congress. If actually proposed, Sen. Marco Rubio said the plan would be “dead on arrival in Congress” and would make America’s immigrations problems worse. Attempting to quell speculation on the motive, White House officials are now saying the leak wasn’t intentional.  

By Monday, Obama insiders were walking the plan back and suggesting the leak was not intentional. 

One White House official told Fox News they were "surprised" that...