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So Brave: "Republican" Charlie Crist to Speak at Democrat National Convention

Warren19 Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 4:37 PM
Charlie Crist wasn't viewed as a Republican even while he claimed to be one. He certainly hasn't been one since his public departure from the Party; he has repeatedly attended Democrat party events for 2 years now, including events hosted by some of Obama's heaviest supporters in Florida (my wife was present at some of them). Crist's endorsement is no surprise, and it has no meaning. It is the Dims' effort to go tit-for-tat over Artur Davis' defection to the Republicans - the difference being, no one has taken Charlie Crist seriously for a very long time.

Dan wrote yesterday that former Florida Governor Charlie Crist penned an endorsement of President Obama in the Tampa Bay Times. Now, it seems his crossover has been rewarded: he's slated to speak at the DNC in Charlotte next week.

An official with President Barack Obama's campaign said Sunday that Crist will speak at next week's convention in Charlotte, N.C., but the day hasn't been worked out.

The official wasn't authorized to speak and requested anonymity.

Crist announced Sunday that he is endorsing Obama. Republicans called the decision political opportunism and pointed out Crist has...