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G-Men Tackle Real Important Crime: Bullying

Warren19 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 11:59 AM
Your attitude is excellent, Mr. Brown. I was bullied for two years in grammar school, by one individual in particular who was much larger than I was and who bullied many others as well. Fights would erupt even in the classroom. Until one day after school, he tried it again - and I beat him badly. In the sandlot, being pummeled, I threw sand into his face, then got on top of him and whaled away on his face until he begged me to stop. He left, crying. Despite his continuing to bully others all the way through high school, he never approached me or spoke to me again. Your attitude let you get through it. My approach was different - it was the one my father taught me, and it worked too.

Apparently business is so slow at the Department of Justice that it has decided to turn its attention away from trivial matters such as running guns to Mexico and focus on combating the effects of  bullying.

Now before you liberals swell with righteous indignation, try for a moment for some of that sensitivity for which you are supposed to be famous.

You see, I was a Victim of Bullying.

I was short, skinny and wore glasses. I was bookish, awkward and my parents had even worse fashion sense than I did so I looked like a walking train wreck....

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