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As a federal employee who sometimes enjoyed the luxury of telework, I usually started my day at 5 AM, the same time I would have gone to my car to begin the drive to the train and Metro to get to DC - about 3 hours of round trip commuting daily, and often more. I generally wound up work by about 8 PM. My lunch and dinner breaks at home were a total of about an hour. So, instead of the 8-hour day in the workplace, the government got 14 hours (and the excess time was NOT paid). But the benefit to me was I could keep my weekends a bit more free, and not have to fight traffic, crowds, and immensely annoying people talking loudly on cell phones during train rides for 3 hours a day. Plus, I didn't have to wear a suit. The taxpayers got their due - and more.
I worked as an attorney for a federal agency, ending up with a salary of $123,000 per year. Several private sector law firms that I kept beating in court for 11 years tried to hire me away for the salaries paid to their attorneys - ranging from $350,000 to $400,000 per year. We weren't all overpaid, by a long shot - and the money we saved the taxpayer was in the millions of dollars per year (potential liabilities in the tens of millions). The hours were long and travel was frequent - if you really think government workers work an 8-hour day, guess again.
And yes - horses. I supervised the last Military Horse Patrol in the U.S. Air Force as Operations Officer of a security police squadron at Clark Air Base in the Philippines in the late '70's. They were used to apprehend intruders in the tall grass on the base - and my commander led a "cavalry charge" against members of the communist New People's Army after they had stolen items from the base. They were captured, and the items recovered. Once more, it is a matter of having the right number at the right time.
The focus on bayonets and horses is misplaced. The fact is, just as with naval vessels, you need enough of the right types and in sufficient numbers, to do the job. Despite the stated need for a 600 ship Navy not so many years ago, we are approaching half that number. We are about to retire the USS Enterprise, only 25 years old, a ship that can last many more years - and it is one of those ships that airplanes land on, Mr. Obama. We are retiring four Long Beach class cruisers with their Aegis systems and 800+ missiles that can help to provide defense against medium and short range ballistic missiles that Iran is developing - missiles that can reach not only Israel, but all US forces in the theater. Now do you understand, Mr. Obama?
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Racial Preferences for the Privileged

Warren19 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 2:11 PM
Affirmative action and race-based preferences do nothing but split the society and continue hatreds that would otherwise have died out long ago. They teach some "beneficiaries" that they don't have to work as hard as other to get the same benefits. And they convince some in the majority that no minority could "make it" without affirmative action, which shortchanges hard-working and talented minority members. It is time for racial preferences to go.
And once again Matthews and MSNBC tell the lie abut the 47% - which dealt with how he was going to direct his limited campaign funds, not the concerns of people he would govern.
As far as being "shut out of a hearing on contraception" Fluke "mischaracterizes" (lies in her teeth). The hearing was on whether the requirement to provide insurance coverage for contraception violated Catholic doctrine. The participants were knowledgeable in that topic, in contrast to Fluke; and (refuting another Dim Big Lie) the hearing did include two women. Women were not shut out at all. Fluke, who had nothing intelligent to say on the topic, was not allowed to participate after Dim leadership tried to inject her purely political rant. When she did speak later, she was ridiculous, having no idea of the ease and low cost of obtaining birth control. She was either incredibly stupid or willfully ignorant. Poor little girl.
One only needed to watch the gleam in Clint Eastwood's eyes as he "transitioned" from his act as a cranky and somewhat befuddled oldster to delivering the sharp and brilliant skewering of Obama and the Dims that they so deserve. He knew exactly what he was doing, and it was masterful. He made my day.
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Liberal Media Brings Out the Hockey Pucks

Warren19 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 10:27 PM
Hmmmm, so "Chicago" is racist code now. Strange. To me, for the last 50+ years it has meant machine politics, dead people who vote in large numbers, and the smarmiest kind of political chicanery. Obama may be a practitioner of all, but he came late to the game.
Is this Chris Matthews of the same MSNBC that, as you reported yesterday, "When popular Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, the GOP nominee for Senate, took the stage, MSNBC cut away from the Republican National Convention and the Hispanic Republican from Texas’ speech. "MSNBC stayed on commercial through former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis’ speech, as well. Davis, who recently became a Republican, is black. "Then, when Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno’s wife Luce’ Vela Fortuño took the stage minutes later, MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews opted to talk over the First Lady’s speech. "And Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval? Noticeably missing from MSNBC, too. "Mia Love, a black candidate for Congress in Utah, was also ignored by MSNBC."
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