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Who's Afraid of 'Rocky Mountain Heist'?

Warren19 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 10:46 AM
Of course! Buy the politicians, have them regulate or legislate your competition out of existence, and rake in the profits!! Just following the George Soros model.
Yes, the NFL uses the NOW playbook. It is one that says it is OK for a woman to hit a man, as often as she wishes, and a man has NO right to respond physically. Or didn't anyone notice - Rice's fiancee/wife hit him once outside the elevator; spit on him inside it (after which he backed at least 4 feet away); and then charged him, taking yet another swing before running into his fist, and lights out (hitting her head on the elevator rail on the way down). And she admits to both hits and the spitting! It's not even up for questioning. Seems to me that she, like all women, should have learned long ago that is is neither legal nor appropriate for a woman to hit a man, any more than it is appropriate for him to hit her unless, of course, he is defending himself against her physical assault. Then the discussion devolves to whether the force used in defense was appropriate - and another early lesson comes into play. Most boys learn it in the schoolyard, and women should learn it as well: Don't pick a (physical) fight with someone bigger and stronger than you. Those who would argue that Rice should simply have "restrained" the woman aren't considering how the NOW playbook would treat that - he would still be accused of physically brutalizing her.
As a federal employee who sometimes enjoyed the luxury of telework, I usually started my day at 5 AM, the same time I would have gone to my car to begin the drive to the train and Metro to get to DC - about 3 hours of round trip commuting daily, and often more. I generally wound up work by about 8 PM. My lunch and dinner breaks at home were a total of about an hour. So, instead of the 8-hour day in the workplace, the government got 14 hours (and the excess time was NOT paid). But the benefit to me was I could keep my weekends a bit more free, and not have to fight traffic, crowds, and immensely annoying people talking loudly on cell phones during train rides for 3 hours a day. Plus, I didn't have to wear a suit. The taxpayers got their due - and more.
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