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Actually, U.S. Military Still Uses Lots of Horses and Bayonets

Warren19 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 1:48 PM
The focus on bayonets and horses is misplaced. The fact is, just as with naval vessels, you need enough of the right types and in sufficient numbers, to do the job. Despite the stated need for a 600 ship Navy not so many years ago, we are approaching half that number. We are about to retire the USS Enterprise, only 25 years old, a ship that can last many more years - and it is one of those ships that airplanes land on, Mr. Obama. We are retiring four Long Beach class cruisers with their Aegis systems and 800+ missiles that can help to provide defense against medium and short range ballistic missiles that Iran is developing - missiles that can reach not only Israel, but all US forces in the theater. Now do you understand, Mr. Obama?
Warren19 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 1:56 PM
And yes - horses. I supervised the last Military Horse Patrol in the U.S. Air Force as Operations Officer of a security police squadron at Clark Air Base in the Philippines in the late '70's. They were used to apprehend intruders in the tall grass on the base - and my commander led a "cavalry charge" against members of the communist New People's Army after they had stolen items from the base. They were captured, and the items recovered.

Once more, it is a matter of having the right number at the right time.

Last night during the final presidential debate of 2012, President Obama said we have "fewer horses and bayonets" during an exchange with Governor Mitt Romney. The comments were condescending, belittling and Obama implied the use of bayonets and horses was obsolete. This is not the case. Yes, Obama said "fewer" rather than "not at all," but let's take a look at how the military uses horses and bayonets today.

First, the Marines. The Marines have an entire page on their website dedicated to the bayonet, which is used in...