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Spending Cuts and Tax Cuts Should Be an All-of-the-Above Option, Not an Either-Or Choice

wardmd Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 1:17 PM
I agree! There is (clearly) a PERFECT BALANCE between TAX REVENUE and the TAX RATE: Too high a tax RATE, and tax REVENUE decreases... Clearly, a tax RATE of ZERO would generate ZERO revenue. The UNANSWERED QUESTION is: What IS the PERFECT (low) RATE that maximizes REVENUE? Unfortunately, we have ONE political party which believes that RAISING RATES increases revenue (despite the EVIDENCE to the contrary). As long as THAT party is in power, we will NEVER be able to find that PERFECT RATE. Clearly, over the past MANY DECADES, we have had congresses which have OVER-SPENT like there's no tomorrow... Well, it's tomorrow!
wardmd Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 1:21 PM
One of THE BIGGEST problems (with respect to CUTTING SPENDING) is this "Base-Line Budgetting" - wherein THIS YEAR'S budget is based on LAST YEAR'S budget PLUS some automatic GROWTH.


Every Tax Dollar that is spent HAS to be JUSTIFIED, and any GROWTH to ANY program should ALSO BE JUSTIFIED!

WE, who live in the REAL WORLD, know (especially during these past several years of economic difficulties) - that YEARLY RAISES are NOT guaranteed... In fact, MANY of us have take PAY CUTS - to keep our jobs.

ONLY the GOVERNMENT (and Unions) think they are ENTITLED to ENDLESS GROWTH!

I’m in Slovenia where I just finished indoctrinating educating a bunch of students on the importance of Mitchell’s Golden Rule as a means of restraining the burden of government spending.

And I emphasized that the fiscal problem in Europe is the size of government, not the fact that nations are having a hard time borrowing money. As explained in this video, spending is the disease and deficits are one of the symptoms.

This is also an issue in the United States,...

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