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HELL NO! And it's NOT because he's another Bush - it's because there's NO WAY I can support another GOP Establishement "Moderate"! NO to Amnesty! NO, NO, NO!
Gee, Judge, can I have a continuance? Because I'm "upset" over the last jury verdict!
It's getting to be a regular thing: The Establishment GOP pushes some pseudo-conservative (aka RINO) as "the only guy who can get elected" - then proceeds to LOSE to whomever the Democrats prop up! Well, I'll be GLAD to do my part! Nominate Jeb or Romney (again) or Christi, and I'll GLADLY sit this one out!
I am very happy to see that people have stepped up to help this business owner. Let us not lose sight, however, that it was because of the LAWLESSNESS of the "Protesters" that her business was burned to the ground in the first place!
Harry Reid "tabled hundreds of bills passed by the U.S. House of Representatives", and Democrats have the audacity to call Republicans the party of "No"?!
Sadly, if the SCOTUS has followed THE LAW, Obamacare never would have survived the challenges. As everyone (but Chief Justice Roberts) KNOWS, a Fee or a FINE is not a TAX (no matter what agency collects it). Since there is NO "Severability" clause in Obamacare, if ANY part of the law is found to be unconstitutional, the LAW dictates that the ENTIRE LAW be tossed out. Congress is VERY WELL AWARE of the "Severability" clause, and COULD have included it, had they INTENDED it - but THEY DID NOT. Just as they specifically said that the subsidies are for STATE EXCHANGES - not for the Federal Exchanged. Had they INTENDED for the Subsidies to be for ALL exchanges, they could have said so - BUT THEY DID NOT!
100% correct and logical - which explains why Washington doesn't get it!
True, but then Obamacare would crash and burn (as it should)... Without FORCING people to buy coverage they don't want, need or use, they can't sustain their ILLEGAL subsidies.
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Voters Are Giving You One More Chance, GOP

wardmd Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 6:38 PM
WHEN are the GOP Establishment going to understand that IF we wanted Democrat-Lite - we would have voted FOR the Democrats... What we were saying, was NO MORE Liberal (Neo-Socialist) Policies! NOT, "Repeal and Replace", but REPEAL. PERIOD!
AND, contrary to the mantra from the (so-called) "Main Stream" Media, this is NOT a call for REPUBLICANS to go along with Obama or Democrat policies. HAD the American People SUPPORTED Obama's policies (or the "leadership" of Harry Reid and/or Nancy Pelosi), we WOULD have voted FOR democrats - keeping them in control of the Senate, and re-taking control of the House. WE DID NOT. THE question, then, is WILL Obama (and the Democrats) work WITH THE GOP?
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