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Data Collection Isn’t Data Abuse -- Yet

wardmd Wrote: Jun 08, 2013 3:55 PM
I'm surprised at you, Hugh! Can't YOU "connect the dots"? We have the Obama Administration targeting Conservative Organizations by the IRS, we have the Obama Administration declaring returning Military and Conservative groups to be "potential domestic terrorist", and NOW we have revelations that the Obama Administration is doing "Data Mining" on ALL Verizon (and, I'm betting ALL other carriers') "meta-data" (call detail logs)... You don't see any PATTERN there? You don't see ANY REASON to be SUSPICIOUS of Obama's actions? WOW, are YOU willing to cut Obama some slack on this! Excuse me, if I remain SKEPTICAL of the Obama Administration (until PROVEN wrong)!
I'd MUCH RATHER have Scott Walker than Chris Christie (or ANY Senator)! MAYBE he can bring some of the SANITY to the nation, that he did in Wisconsin!
It's a SHAME that MOST of our elected officials (of BOTH PARTIES, over the past several DECADES) have FORGOTTEN (or never LEARNED) that IMMIGRATION is SUPPOSED to benefit THIS COUNTRY! It's NOT (generally) a Humanitarian Act for the good of the IMMIGRANT. The REASON there is a LIMIT on the number of people we accept (legally) into the country, is so that the JOB MARKET can expand to provide gainful employment to the immigrants. CLEARLY, we have an EMPLOYMENT PROBLEM (with FEWER JOBS NOW than when Obama took office) - and HE (and other looking to BUY the Latino Vote) don't give a Rat's Rear End if YOU can't find a job once the 11+ MILLION CRIMINAL ALIENS have a legal right to work!
I don't seem to recall ANY Democrats' concern over the LACK OF EXPERIENCE with a certain JUNIOR SENATOR becoming President! WHY all the concern NOW?
“There's never been a day in the last four years I've been proud to be his vice president." -Joe Biden "I always say what I mean." -Joe Biden
Don't forget Islam must be lauded; Christianity and Judiasm must be HATED and oppressed!
Same TIRED old playbook! Seriously... Can ANYONE remember the last time Obama spoke of HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS over the past four years? NO! It's just demonize Romney, Ryan, The Rich, and the GOP in general.
The BEST thing about Obama's "Romnesia" comment, is the observation that Obama will NEVER have Amnesia: You see, you have to KNOW SOMETHING - before you can forget it! Romney has ALREADY (probably) forgotten MORE about Business and Economics than Obama (and the Democrats) will EVER KNOW!
With any luck, Dingy Harry, Romney won't have to work with YOU (as the GOP takes back control of the Senate, and kicks your sorry butt to MINORITY STATUS)! By the way... It is YOUR assertion that NOT passing a budget for the past four years, is YOUR idea of "Working with Obama"?!
There's ANOTHER term for an unarmed man: A VICTIM!
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The Fallacy of Redistribution

wardmd Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 7:16 AM
NO... Patent and Copyright DO NOT RESTRICT knowledge (one can READ [and KNOW] EVERYTHING about someone's patent and copyrighted information)... Those exist to PROTECT the HARD WORK (and BRILLIANCE) of the INVENTOR/CREATOR of that work object - from people who would come along and TAKE (without financial compensation) the object of that patent and/or copyright - for their own PROFIT! Sounds kinda like GOVERNMENT (taking from the PRODUCERS and giving to the TAKERS, for doing NOTHING), doesn't it?! AND, in THIS Patent/Copyright system, there is NOTHING to prevent YOU from working harder and being smarter than the LAST Patent/Copyright holder, and inventing/producing SOMETHING NEW (and different) that will make YOU RICH! Go Do It!
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