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Oh for Pete's sake... The $3.8 BILLION that Obama asked for won't SOLVE the problem either. Since Obama REFUSES to SECURE THE BORDER (aka STOP the flow of Illegal Aliens [of ALL ages] into the country), the PROBLEM will NEVER get solved!
You mean, "How can the Democrats CHEAT on election day, if they have to PROVE that they are, indeed, who they CLAIM to be?" NEXT: Elimination of "Early Voting" and "Same-day Registration"
What if anti-Israel supporters BOMBED New York? Wait, THEY DID! The SAME people who were involved in the MULTIPLE attacks on the World Trade Center (both the BOMBINGS while Clinton was President, then flying planes into them on 9/11) WERE anti-Israel supporters! What if those SAME Anti-Israel Supporters were responsible for the ATTACKS on a U.S. Embassy (and the MURDER of four U.S. Citizens) in Benghazi? Again, THEY WERE! WHAT, exactly, has the Palestinians done to denounce those acts of violence, or to PROTECT Israel IN ANY WAY? ONE THING, JUST ONE....
God bless and protect Israel!
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RNC Initiates #FireReid Campaign

wardmd Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 6:41 PM
CLEARLY he (or his aide who made wrote the slogan) learned to spell from Liberal Teachers (union, no doubt)!
So, it's your assertion that the ATF KNOWS the ethnic makeup of the people in these drug houses, and selects the drug houses SPECIFICALLY because of this ethnic makeup. Is THAT your assertion? It couldn't be that 91% of drug dealers just HAPPEN to be African-American and/or Hispanic, could it? CLEARLY, the problem is that NOT ENOUGH WHITES are engaged in Drug Trafficing and Drug Sales! What we NEED is some "Affirmative Action", where Drug Cartels are REQUIRED to hire a certain number of Whites (and Asians, I supposed) to better reflect the ethnicity of the society at large! THEN, a more representative percentage of minorities (and Whites) will be arrested and imprisoned for these Drug Crimes!
Don't like Religion? Don't go to Church (but leave THE REST OF US ALONE)!
The HOUSE (alone), with a Simple Majority Vote IMPEACHES the President. It is the Senate that would be required to vote 2/3 majority to remove from office. Don't confuse IMPEACHMENT (an affirmation of WRONG DOING by the President) with removal from Office!
Well, Michelle, don't let the door hit you in your sizable rear end on the way out!
Well, then... Perhaps it's time we Republicans start talking about "reparations" for the UNFAIR (read: ILLEGAL) actions of the IRS against Conservative Groups! How about we start the clock from the time Obama took office until such time as we DO get to the bottom of the IRS scandal - for that SAME AMOUNT OF TIME, ALL Conservative Groups MUST be approved, and ALL Liberal groups MUST BE DECLINED. Hell, we COULD do it like the "affirmative action" system: Once started it NEVER ENDS! So, NO Liberals Tax Exempt approvals (ever), and EVERY Conservative group is approved (no matter what)! Isn't THAT "fair"?
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