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Don't like Religion? Don't go to Church (but leave THE REST OF US ALONE)!
The HOUSE (alone), with a Simple Majority Vote IMPEACHES the President. It is the Senate that would be required to vote 2/3 majority to remove from office. Don't confuse IMPEACHMENT (an affirmation of WRONG DOING by the President) with removal from Office!
Well, Michelle, don't let the door hit you in your sizable rear end on the way out!
Well, then... Perhaps it's time we Republicans start talking about "reparations" for the UNFAIR (read: ILLEGAL) actions of the IRS against Conservative Groups! How about we start the clock from the time Obama took office until such time as we DO get to the bottom of the IRS scandal - for that SAME AMOUNT OF TIME, ALL Conservative Groups MUST be approved, and ALL Liberal groups MUST BE DECLINED. Hell, we COULD do it like the "affirmative action" system: Once started it NEVER ENDS! So, NO Liberals Tax Exempt approvals (ever), and EVERY Conservative group is approved (no matter what)! Isn't THAT "fair"?
So, we're to believe that it's taken 13 months for the IRS to START looking for the Emails that were demanded (and that were promised to be turned over)? Let's see how well THAT excuse works the next time the IRS asked YOU (WE, the people) for OUR tax records (to PROVE a deduction)... "Sorry, the records were on my hard drive, and it crashed."
Exactly right! Just like B.J. Clinton's assertion that he "never asked anyone to lie, not a SINGLE TIME" (clearly MANY MULTIPLE TIMES)!
It's EASY to believe, if you understand that THIS Administration is TOTALLY INCOMPETENT and ARROGANT! Odd (isn't it?) that the Democrats were LIVID at the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon tapes, but are SILENT on this missing 2 years (which, by the way, is 58,400 TIMES that of 18 minutes)! As a software developer (since BEFORE there were PCs), I find it TOTALLY unbelievable that there were NO BACKUPS (or that the disks weren't RAID).
Because Governing according to the WILL of THE PEOPLE is "too hard".
Translation: "I'm NOT going to provide ANY facts or details about WHERE I WAS, or WHAT I WAS DOING (or NOT doing, in this case), so there's NO REASON to continue trying to FIND THE FACTS!"
Aren't we CONSTANTLY told by the Republican "Establishment" that the "only way" the GOP is going to WIN elections, is by appealing to INDEPENDENTS? Okay, NOW you've got PROOF that Independents want candidates who OPPOSE Obamacare - yet the ONLY candidates who are openly ANTI-Obamacare (aka Tea Party supported candidates) are OPPOSED by the "Establishment" Republicans! CLEARLY, the Establishment GOP is UNINTERESTED in WINNING elections - because they are PISSING OFF "The Base" (aka Conservatives) - AND they're IGNORING the desires of Independents. NO WONDER the GOP (establishment backed) candidates have FAILED in recent (major) elections!
Stating what you believe to be TRUE (aka the Intelligence Reports) - even if it LATER turns out NOT to be true (aka Saddam Hussein's "WMD") - IS NOT A LIE. Stating what you KNOW to be FALSE (aka "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.") - no matter HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAY IT, or how many "Low Information" voters believe you - is still A LIE!
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