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True, but then Obamacare would crash and burn (as it should)... Without FORCING people to buy coverage they don't want, need or use, they can't sustain their ILLEGAL subsidies.
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Voters Are Giving You One More Chance, GOP

wardmd Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 6:38 PM
WHEN are the GOP Establishment going to understand that IF we wanted Democrat-Lite - we would have voted FOR the Democrats... What we were saying, was NO MORE Liberal (Neo-Socialist) Policies! NOT, "Repeal and Replace", but REPEAL. PERIOD!
AND, contrary to the mantra from the (so-called) "Main Stream" Media, this is NOT a call for REPUBLICANS to go along with Obama or Democrat policies. HAD the American People SUPPORTED Obama's policies (or the "leadership" of Harry Reid and/or Nancy Pelosi), we WOULD have voted FOR democrats - keeping them in control of the Senate, and re-taking control of the House. WE DID NOT. THE question, then, is WILL Obama (and the Democrats) work WITH THE GOP?
And NO, Dingy Harry, the American People (WE, THE PEOPLE) were NOT saying we want Congress to "work together", we were saying Obama and YOU Congressional Democrats - GET OUT OF THE WAY! STOP obstructing legislation (what do YOU, Harry, have sitting on your desk? 300 bills you won't even let the Senate DEBATE)! STOP passing legislation that we DON'T NEED (or BEFORE we've all had a chance to READ and DEBATE what's IN IT)! STOP passing regulations that suppress the Economy and Business' ability to GROW and EXPAND (and CREATE JOBS [Yes, Hillary, Business CREATES JOBS])! STOP bypassing Congress (Obama) with your "Executive Orders" - ESPECIALLY with respect to Immigration "reform" (aka AMNESTY)... In case you're not paying attention (and it looks like you're NOT)... The MAJORITY of LEGAL Americans DON'T WANT you to legalize the TENS OF MILLIONS of people who are in the country ILLEGALLY!
SO... What's the DIFFERENCE between Mary Burke and B Obama? Answer: Mary was fired once. Seriously, No wonder the Democrats LOVE "Early Voting": It allows the Low Information (aka UNINFORMED) voters to be fooled into voting for their "beloved" Democrat candidate BEFORE becoming aware of her INCOMPETENCE! Sounds kind of like "We have to pass it, so you can see what's in it", doesn't it? You have to vote for the Democrat BEFORE you find out she (or he) is INCOMPETENT
Unions are like Air America... They simply don't have enough support to exist on their own popularity! As you correctly stated - Unions CAN exist if (and ONLY if) the "rank and file" agree to have the Union represent them. In the hallucinogenic world of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the "TaxPayers" didn't save money, because the "poor" Government Workers are taxpayers, too - and because they're paying MORE (albeit WAY LESS than most workers) for their Healthcare and Retirement, then you can't say that the "TaxPayers" saved money. Of course, they IGNORE the reality that if you compare TWO workers - both earning, say, $50,000 - one a Government "worker", and the other a Private Sector worker - and let's say they're each TAXED 10% (or $5,000) a year. It takes TEN Taxpayers to pay the wages of that ONE Government worker. It takes ZERO taxpayers to pay the wages of the ONE Private Sector worker. SO, ANY savings in the COST of employing that ONE Government worker SAVES Taxpayer Dollars. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel TRIED to suggest that because the Government worker has higher out of pocket expenses, that that money could not be spent by them (in the economy), so the economy (in general) would "suffer". They IGNORE the fact that ALL of those Taxpayers paying LOWER TAXES, have MORE MONEY in THEIR pockets - which THEY can ALL spend as THEY SEE FIT!
Confirmation! Liberals are DANGEROUS MORONS!
The REALLY SAD and SCARY part of it, is that neither HE, nor his Kool-Aid drinking sycophants in Congress (Democrats and RINOs alike) find anything WRONG with it! Certainly the (so-called) "Main Stream" Media certainly doesn't give a Rat's Rear End that he's (AGAIN) violating the Constitution (they applaud it)!
And boycotting Burger King increases tax revenue HOW, Senator? Even Obama admitted that REDUCING taxes (like the Capital Gains Tax) INCREASES revenue to the Government, BUT he doesn't care about THAT - he only wanted to PUNISH Capital Gains earners "out of a sense of 'fairness'"!
When "protesters" resemble the attackers in Benghazi, I want my Police to resemble Seal Team 6!
And do we all remember how the Democrats made fun of Ronald Reagan for his "Star Wars" program? Israel isn't laughing (at least not at Reagan)!
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