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What Will You Say Next Year, in Two Years, and in Five?

Ward3 Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 6:19 PM
So, we're supposed to be happy because John Roberts decided to gamble with 308 million people's access to quality healthcare, freedom & the rule of law? Sorry, no thanks. Just looks to me like yet another instance of a "Conservative" that didn't have the balls to do what was right when forced to take a stand for what is right, lawful & just. The GOP must go & a new party needs to emerge to beat back the statist unlawful government. John Roberts only followed in the footstool, err footsteps, of the worthless bum that appointed him, George "I abandoned by free market beliefs" W. Bush! The more time I've had to think about, the less surprised I am today by the result.

Over at I have ventured the opinion that perhaps --just perhaps-- originalists will eventually recognize Chief Justice Robert's decision and opinion yesterday as a bit of judicial genius that will be his Marbury v. Madison --the case that at first glance seemed a win for an executive whom the then Chief Justice opposed but which was in reality a huge win for the Court and the original design of the Constitution.

We won't have even a preliminary assessment for at least four months, and even if Mitt Romney wins the presidency, the success of this...