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No, Weed Isn't "Harmless"

Ward3 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 3:20 PM
Almost nobody I know says marijuana is "harmless", they say it is less harmful than other legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. And that adults should be able to make the choice for themselves. Nothing is harmless, everything has positives and negatives. As always, it's simply a matter of personal responsibility and moderation which 95% of marijuana users exhibit just as 95% of people who drink alcohol are not wife beating alcoholics but rather just responsible adults who enjoy a little refreshment that relaxes them.

Our friend Steven Crowder recently took a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan to expose a common lie about Marijuana use: it's not harmful. It turns out, Marijuana isn't "just a plant" that does less damage than alcohol. According to a doctor Crowder interviewed in the video below, Marijuana actually lingers in your brain and when smoked at a young age, prevents maturity from taking place (imagine that!).


As Crowder pointed out in the video, there are many cases to be made on both sides of the Marijuana legalization...