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I'm sure he won't mention that HIS POLICIES are the cause of the inequality & you can bet no liberal panty waste "journalists" will do so in writing about it afterwards. The good news is that only his dwindling band of incompetent, moronic sycophants will be watching anyways so it really doesn't matter what Obozo The Clown says
UGH! Just because it is legal doesn't mean people are saying it is good. Alcohol and tobacco are legal and nobody argues they are not good to use. But, if you think kids don't have access to pot because the law says it is illegal you are just fooling yourself. Pot is easier to get than alcohol for more teenagers today, except in Colorado where teen use of marijuana has fallen since 2009 and the relaxed Medical Marijuana laws made the black market disappear. Oh, and DUI Rates on our highways have fallen too. But don't let facts get in the way of your judgement and ability to make everyone else's decisions for them, obviously you know best how every person should live their lives.
Teen usage rates have fallen in Colorado since 2009 when Medical Marijuana laws were relaxed. Access is actually more restrictive when stores only sell the drug and require ID showing people are over 21. If you think kids where you live don't have access to pot you are just burying your head in the sand, it's easier to get pot than booze for a teenager. Wake up & try something different. No, this is not a perfect system because no such thing exists but if you actully care about reducing access for kids, what Colorado is doing is far better.
Actually, DUI Rates in Colorado have shown significant declines since Medical Marijuana laws were relaxed here in 2009. But don't let pesky facts get in the way of the ones you make up
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Obama Finally Signing Up for Obamacare

Ward3 Wrote: Dec 23, 2013 10:52 AM
And while those who make $50,000/year do not receive taxpayer funded subsidies, as an employee of the Federal Kabal, Obozo will get 75% of his premiums subsidized & covered by the taxpayers despite his $400,000 annual salary.
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Team Obama Promoting Adult-Children Again

Ward3 Wrote: Dec 18, 2013 3:36 PM
If you are a "kid" at 26 still, you sure as hell shouldn't be allowed to vote! Hell, if you are moocher of any age and not a taxpayer you shouldn't get to vote!
Now, there is a Judge I'd like to see sitting on the Supreme Court! One that actually has some damn common sense & understanding that his job is to enforce the law as written not write the law from the bench nor allow unilateral rewriting of the law by a President to stand!
Par for the course for my pathetic home town newspaper. Fortunately, like most liberal rags these days, nobody's reading it anymore anyway.
I signed the petition months ago, can't tell you how overjoyed I am that this vile elitist will no longer be representing me in our State Senate. 3 Gun Grabbers down, Gov Hickenlooper is next to fall for his betrayal of Individual Liberty next November.
So glad I refinanced and consolidated my outstanding Student Loans back in 2005 before the government monopolized the market and took over. My loans (now serviced by the government) are not subject to the whims of politicians. I got a fixed rate at 2.375% on UNSUBSIDIZED LOANS, that is lower than Uncle Sammy's current SUBSIDIZED LOAN RATES for today's college students & recent graduates. Of course, I had the "horrible" ordeal of dealing with private banks that competed for my business to get that loan instead of the oh so great current government monopoly with no competition. I'd feel sorry for these youngsters but they voted for this & want government to be their daddy.
The schadenfreude this gives me is just too enjoyable. I feel for the people who fought this & are negatively affected by it's disastrous consequences now, such as the Stage 4 Cancer Patient that is essentially going to be killed by ObozoCare. But I take great delight in stories like this where it is hurting the elitist pigs that shoved this piece of garbage legislation down our throats.
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