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That's the right of the citizens of Vermont to determine & the citizens of Vermont can suffer the consequences of that action. No problem at all with this, I don't live in Vermont, don't ever intend to live in Vermont & really don't care what they do with regards to the minimum wage in their state.
My "privilege" was growing up hearing every "dumb Pollock" joke in the book. I just laughed at them (some are actually funny if you can have a sense of humor about yourself) while finishing in the Top 10 of my high school class and graduating with High Honors from one of the best Undergraduate Business Schools in the country. This dumb Pollock has done ok thanks to my "privilege", which in my house was just called hard work.
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Education gets top billing on Capitol Hill

Ward3 Wrote: May 06, 2014 10:53 AM
We used to have a private refinance and consolidation market for Student Loans before the Feds monopolized & took it all over. I graduated in 2000 & consolidated and refinanced in 2005 before the takeover began under Bush and Democrat Congress in 2006. My interest rate is 2.375% fixed for 15 years. Private market once again better than the government, same as always.
Vote to repeal those items he keeps delaying & force him to veto it and then say well why don't you enforce the law as written? If he signs the repeal, which he can't, he destroys his own law. If he doesn't he looks the hypocrite he is in not enforcing those provisions. Withhold funding through the power of the purse. The Dems gave the Pubs a gift in not needing a supermajority now to pass legislation, the lack of a filibuster could come in handy after November in forcing Obama to use his veto pen. He's been protected from that embarrassment by Dingy Harry Reid the last 6 years.
The best advice I ever read, it was about investing but applies to many things in life: Plan For The Worst, Hope For The Best but Above All ACCEPT REALITY! The reality is the ObozoCare has 0.00% chance of being repealed prior to Jan. 20th, 2017 until Obozo The Clown is out of office. It makes zero sense to campaign in 2014 that you are going to repeal the law since it is not going to be in the power of Congress to do so even if the Pubs manage to not blow the election and win back The Senate this year. The Pubs should instead force Obozo to enforce the law as written and make him & his party suffer the consequences of their abject failure between 2014 - 2016 so the public is screaming for repeal in 2016. Make him enforce the the business & individual mandates, no delays to the provisions that will ultimately destroy this disaster. Obozo is trying to kick that can down the road to 2017 when he's on the lecture circuit with his teleprompter.
Yeah, I live in Colorado and the attack ads are already in full force. I only get over the air local with an antenna & don't use cable but I've seen this ad and another typical DemocRAT ad about Gardner being for "big oil". Frankly, if the voters here fall for this nonsense again then they are idiots. ObozoCare cost 337,000 Coloradoans their existing insurance Senator Udall promised they'd be able to keep. With no weed issue on the ballot, turnout should be down in Boulder. I've offered to buy any of them an ounce if they just stay home on election day and let the grown ups vote.
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So Close: House Rejects Obama Budget 413-2

Ward3 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 3:56 PM
That's 2 more votes than his last few budgets got. FORWARD BARRY!
Countdown to Rep. Cummings crying RAAAAAACCCCCCIIIIISSSSMMMMM!!!! 3,2,1... And Go
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Yes, I Hate the Cable Company Too

Ward3 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 3:30 PM
Or you can get pretty much everything you want with an Apple TV or Roku + a Digitial Antenna! I cut out cable/satellite over a year ago and pay a whopping $13/month for Netlfix and Amazon Prime. I built a small PC into a DVR (or you can just buy a Tivo) & attached a digital antenna to my HDTV. I record anything I want for free on the broadcast networks and just pay for the 3-4 cable shows I like to get the new episodes one day after they air and get them completely commerical free on Amazon, Vudu or iTunes. I have 40 mbps DSL Internet from CenturyLink which is plenty of bandwidth to support streaming and is $40/mo. In the 1st year, I saved about $500 vs what I paid DirecTV for the prior 12 months and this year it will be closer to $800-1,000 in savings since in the 1st year I had 1 time equipment purchases that won't be spent again. CUT THE CORD AMERICA!
Ban Knives, blame gunes anyway, blame the Koch Brothers and ignore the likely mental health issues this kid exhibited all along! - Democrat Talking Points Memo soon to be released.
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Millionaires Need Your Help!

Ward3 Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 7:09 PM
Here's my "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill": 1. Employers are required to verify a newly hired employees legal status using the Federal E-Verify system. If an employer is found to have illegal labor employed at their business and did not conduct an E-Verify check for said employee the fine is 5 Million Dollars, each instance. All Federal A one time check of all existing employees must be completed by all employers within 1 year of the passage of this law. 2. Only American citizens may apply for, enroll in, and collect any and all Federal Government provided benefits. 1,999 pages shorter than ObozoCare and 1,000,000% more effective at solving an actual problem. No need to even build a fence
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