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The only way Udall wins here is complete and total voter fraud with the idiotic same day registration law the Dems rammed through here to try and save themselves by rigging the election. They tried this as a voter initiative awhile back and lost with over 60% of Colorado voting NO on it but of course they went ahead and then did it behind closed doors like Democrats always do.
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Ward3 Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 12:59 PM
Dr Sowell, you are, as always, simply the best sir.
“We are a nation of laws,” he said AND HE ACTUALLY SAID THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE? Damn, he is one skilled liar, I'll give him that
So the coward is sending one his underling cowards, I'm sure this will help the situation
I have no idea where I fall but one thing I think makes everyone distrust any Wonk is the stupidity of the overly complex bills thousands of pages long to "fix" any issue. If I were POTUS, I would tell Congress I will veto any bill longer than 10 pages. If you can't get it down on 10 pages, it's too complex and probably full of special interest loopholes. Oh, and I would veto any legislation with the words "the secretary shall", the 10 pages should include all rules and regulations necessary. No unelected bureaucrats writing the rules after the fact!
"Marxism & Freedom" - That has to be one short book
A dying city the site of the Convention for a dying party, seems about right to me
As soon as the US is eliminated we can go back to ignoring this "sport" for another 4 years thankfully.
Obviously Obama & Democrats are waging a war on men since men's premiums increased at a higher percentage! Thought those liberal clowns were all about equality and fairness? Quick, somebody start a hashtag campaign, #YesAllMen
I switched from Independent to GOP here just so I could vote for Tom in the Primary. Oh, what I would give to see him as our next Governor. He will drive the Regressives in Boulder and Aspen insane.
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