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The sooner he and his cohorts are out of Washington DC, the better America will be and quicker to get back on her feet - all we need now is for America to open her eyes and get busy booting this idiot out of office! No it won't be for he is BLACK - it will be for he is Marxist and destroying our America!!
Saves jobs for who! Yeah it piles all those jobs up in a neat stack and then the BUM will make those jobs disappear when people find out - never fails!
Just one more lie daily - these unemployed have been on unemployment benefits now much longer than the usual time and it is past time for all of them to go find jobs - some started between the last of December and now - that really should tell you something about needing to get off taxpayers money! Obama wants everyone to get more lazy and he has already screwed up America totally - he can stop any day now before he blows us all up by inviting more of his Islamic terrorists in America!!
Oh I wouldn't doubt that Biden who is all mouth wouldn't say something stupid, for that is all he ever does is say something stupid! Joe Biden is NOTHING compared to Paul Ryan - better know it people - Ryan has it over Biden 150%! GOD help America!
Liar, liar pants on fire! He will do and say anything to not have to say anything on a failed four-year first term as POTUS! A blow hard and it would please America if he got fired! GOD help America :o)!
You are right Giles, you know it. If just one person had a gun in that theater, there would be 12 living people today and none injured as well. People that think like imbeciles definitely get in the way - GOD help America!
I have a better idea - instead of apologizing, why doesn't America just FIRE the lying President - everyone would be much better off in the doing so!! America is NOT dumb and she knows a professional liar like Obama - and we have had enough lies - now it is time for him to get the H**L out of Washington and take his Cohorts with him!! GOD help America !!
Liars sure get hooked to where if they keep on lying, it gets harder and harder to tell the truth - we will NEVER hear the TRUTH from Obama - guaranteed! Who wants a leader that lies all of the time - you should be thinking about National Security for as much as Obama lies - America is in for a lot of trouble when his lies brings war on America - GOD help America and get rid of that GROSS liar OBAMA!
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