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Going over the Moral Cliff

Wandered Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 2:45 PM
(3) "Holy wars" do not make sense if a deity is omnipotent. Such a deity would not need its "chosen people" to go to war to accomplish its will. (4) "Natural Role" is another euphemism for subjugation. Telling women to shut up in church is not setting them free. Your roles are not and should not be determined by your genitalia.

In my book, When the Crosses are Gone, I warn that when a culture abandons thinking and logic in favor of feelings and emotions, it is doomed to destruction. Although emotions are a very important part of the human psyche, when they control every aspect of life, morality becomes a victim.

Today, there is widespread agreement that morality in America is deteriorating with breathtaking speed.

On one hand, we face a belligerent and intimidating lobby that desires the breakdown of biblical morality. On the other hand, a docile public—as well as church leadership—is terrified to stand up for truth lest...