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That's exactly why I don't beleive in History books. Half of what is written is not true.
What we need is Republicans in Washington who have some guts. My goodness they make me sick but never as sick as the idiots who voted for Obama. It's like thier all on drugs. If they don't care about thier children and grand children I do care about mine. I resent everyone of them that voted destruction for not only thier family but mind also. We should organize groups to be out in every city in America ever day protesting. After all we're going to have plenty of time to do this since people are already loosing thier jobs all over the country.
How funny you are. It's Obama who doesn;t care about the middle class. Who runs with the people in Hollywood? Oh I do beleive it's Obama and these people are rich. Who's in bed with Soros? I beleive it's Obama and by the way Soros is very rich. I am middle class and I love Romney and would feel protected with him in charge and with Obama feel very scared. Look at what happened to the four Americans that he could of protected but chose not to.They are very dead.
I agree and the sick media that covers up for Obama think thier cool. They wouldn't know how to be a real news person if they had to. They are my entertainment. I think it's funny how stupid they are. Some day they will be replaced with people who will put out the news the way it really is. Then maybe they can get two or three of those jobs that Obama talks about. Those four Americans should never of had to die.
You are one sick person.
That is a lie.
Your right she didn't do her job. She didn't help the democrats by not telling Joe Biden to please wait his turn. He was discusting. His stupid put on smile, his rude interruping made him look like he was five years old. He was a poor example for young children who might of been watching. My nine old year grand-daughter ask me why the moderater didn't ask Joe Biden to quit being so rude. My answer to her was that evidently she is a democrate and doesn't know the word fair or didn't have the nerve to do so.
The trouble with that is his media lies so much no one pays any attention to what they say. The only time I listen to them is when I want to have a good laught.
Romney was great and honest. Obama didn't have any idea about what to say except to repeat over and over the same old stuff that we've heard seven twenty four for four years. Yike.
Hopefully the republicans that are in position to do so are having thier secret meetings. Bet they know what the democrats are up to and getting ready to suprise them at the right time.
Your so right and that is so sickening to me.
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