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Stalemate: Obama Warns of Prolonged Talks as Republicans Rebuff Plan

WalterHarris Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 10:05 PM
This is all for show and in the end the crybaby cowards of the republican party Boehner, Graham and the rest will have their little show and then buckle under. I think we have seen this before. We need to vote all these fools out and start over.

The word of the day is "stalemate".

Last year the Republicans had a chance to accept spending cuts to tax hikes at a 10-1 ratio. They declined. Now president Obama does not want to bargain. Who can blame Obama (except Republicans)? We may disagree, but that is part of the platform that got him elected.

The Republicans do not want to bargain either. And who can blame them (except Democrats)?

Regardless, Republicans blew a golden opportunity last year and...

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