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"NBC News has come under sharp criticism from Israeli officials this week after one of its reporters falsely reported that attacks on a hospital and a refugee camp in Gaza came from Israeli drones. In fact, the shells were (mis)fired by Hamas, and were intended for Israeli civilians." (Should continue) The terrorist organization(NBC)'s incompetence killed their own people.
Good points. However we all know the Obama voters (Proles) are a worthless lot when it comes to reversing the damage and the media is all in for the revolution as they are infitrators of the Alinsky romance. And congress and most elected officials have no interest in changing the status quo. So if only to implement term limits, we need to convene a continental congress.
I keep asking: WHAT DO THEY HAVE ON BOEHNER???? that keeps him in their power and prevents him from using his remedies?
This is only a small symptom of the bigger disease; rebellion of the American-Capitalist system of government. Obama has been selected by the ruling elites; (CFR. Tri-lateral, Bilders, Groves, etc.) to blow the dog-whistle that exites the followers to act. Their actions, as proscribed by Alinsky is to begin the anarchistic chaos which they think will better society.
If anyone still believes there isn't a war to change America by leftist anti-Americans, like McCarthy warned, then they probably believe Islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims only want to live peaceably to practice their wonderful religion. The truth is Obama and his ilk are rebels and Islam is a religion of rebellion. But the Good News is God will put an end to all the rebellion and ungodliness which entered God's world when Satan; then Adam and Eve tried to overthrow God . Then He will bring real peace and order to the world at the appearing of Jesus, who will reign for ever.
They will probably fire some low-level tech assistant and say they fixed the problem.
But you are forgetting who is being fed this lie; Obama voters. Nothing will change their allegience to "The Leader", as long as the checks keep coming. The Dems. won't even loose a point on this scandal. Now it the Welfare Office computers crashed; buildings would already be looted and gutted in every major city.
I think I can help clear up this mess. The main switch-board operater mistakenly forwarded a call, designated for the teletype main-frame office, to the night telegraph keyer and howalla!, the whole shooting match came crashing down. I hope that helps.
Could Obama be behind the shooting down of the airliner in Ukraine to divert attention from the mess he has made of The United States of America? Jus saying, knowing the types of people who are behind the politicians today; Hillary, Rove, Jarrett, Axelrod, Ickes, etc. there's no telling what they are capable of.
This lawless generation! What will come of it?
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