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The Politics Of Ridley Scott's Blockbuster Film Prometheus

Walter115 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 5:16 PM
Can hardly wait for Mr. Bowyer's analysis of the "Predator" series. What does the Predator represent? And what about the "Alien v. Predator" spin offs? Are we all putative trophies living on a planetary game ranch? Saw an ad for a new movie today: "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter", Now there's a President who could really swing a budgetary ax. If you ax me, we need a man like that in the White House to take care of those Secessionist Vampires, along with those Aliens, Predators, and Zombies.
Ridley Scott likes to think big thoughts, and he likes to put them into big movies. It seems as though he’s decided to put all his biggest thoughts into his latest big movie. The result is Prometheus, which is the name of the film, the spaceship in which much of the story transpires, and of an ancient Greek proto-god who gave knowledge to mankind.
As you can see, Scott also likes to name things in significant ways, especially spaceships. The original Alien movie is set mainly on a spaceship named Nostromo, which is taken from a Joseph Conrad novel of the same name. Nostromo is an...
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