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The U.K.’s Upside-Down Approach to Crime: Shoot a Burglar, Go to Jail

walt85 Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 11:45 AM
Our Canadian neighbors neighbors labor under exactly the same laws with regard to protection of their homes snd persons. Our Mexican neighbors are forced to lie abed at night while armed banditos rifle through their possessions. It is quite difficult for a Mexican to obtain a "legal" weapon and it is also expensive. Hand guns are limited to 22 caliber. Consequently, only the crooks are armed for the most part.

Last year, I held an unofficial contest to see whether the United Kingdom or the United States had the dumbest bureaucrats and/or most absurd examples of political correctness.

Since that time, I’ve posted additional examples of gross government stupidity from both sides of the Atlantic. From the United Kingdom, we have these gems.