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Man Bites Dog…Likes the Taste

walt28 Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 4:51 AM
What law was broken? And you continuously bring up the matter of '12 hours' - are you contending that the animal was up there for 12 continuous hours, with no time out for food, water, exercise, etc. You also continue to omit the reason for the dog being sick - it had nothing to do with riding on top of the car, but rather the turkey he stole off the dining room table before the start of the trip (of course leaving out little details like that only clutter up the progressive narrative and confuse the feeble minded doesn't it?) Walt

The theater of the absurd that is our presidential election keeps chugging along with all the vigor our economy doesn’t. One can’t blame Democrats for attempting distraction upon distraction, given the alternative of talking about President Obama’s record.

After all, if it is indeed about the economy, stupid, the only votes there for Democrats are mindless drones who don’t care that nary an economic indicator has improved since Barack Obama took office $5 trillion in new debt ago.

Those of us with eyes open and an IQ above that of our shoe size can’t help but notice. The spin...