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Very simple! One of the head honchos of the company is an old college buddy of the "Moocher". This should also give you an idea of the influence 'The Vacationer' wields elsewhere in this administration - between Obama, the Moocher and Valery Jarred (sp) one can see a true trifecta of stupid!
This is probably the most stupid statement I have ever seen on a blog! Where does one go to get such a feeble mind-set that they could ever believe such drivel, let alone put it before the public and lay claim to it (anonymously of course)? There is a good reason that the claim "you can't fix stupid!" has become a very common part of our lexicon.
Something that is never mentioned is that a large number of these workers are on food stamps and all the other programs that provide a decent income for those doing the collecting. They only want to work a minimum number of hours so that they don't threaten the loss of their 'freebies'. Anyone over 20 years of age should not even be allowed to have a fast food job unless they are in school. These jobs should be reserved for high school kids getting their first taste of responsibility and/or satisfaction of earning their own money. The welfare types have literally taken over the fast food industry and will ruin it just as they do with everything else they touch!
"Beauty is only skin deep" BUT UGLY RUNS ALL THE WAY TO THE BONE!
That is simply because it didn't happen! Incidentally, did you (in your infinite wisdom) by chance hear of an event that occurred called 9/11? Or it's ramifications?
The rerouting of the poor patients is true; the reason her job was not filled after she left though is because she was making over three (3) times as much in that position as what you suggest! The day before he became a IL senator, her job at the hospital was only worth about 100K - and that is with a law degree ...
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What the "War" on Whatever is Really About

walt28 Wrote: Jul 30, 2013 2:29 AM
Consensus by whom? Your relatives? The fact that no one will pay you 50K a year DOES mean you're not worth it UNTIL someone is willing to pay you that!
I don't know what 'O Bomb' thinks about it, but I think it is as flaky as as the rest of your post: 1. Ambassadors to be in a higher position than their boss, the Sec. of State? Where is the logic in the Amb. to Panama (for example) outranking the VP, Sec. Def. or CIA? 2. Amb. negotiating treatys? Just how large do you think the American staff is in a normal Embassy? Far, far fewer than what would be necessary for that endeavor! 3. I could go on for some length on this subject, but I think you get the gist of my dislike for your ideas on this matter - you obviously have no idea what Embassies are all about.
Currently, 1/3'd of the criminal cases in Florida that have had 'Stand your ground' defenses claimed have been by black persons!
Gee, I wonder if the fact that whites make up about 70% of the population have anything to do with that? That sorta took the air out of your tire didn't it?
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