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Nope! It was the fact that four to eight million white normally republican voters stayed home because they were too religiously bigoted to vote for a Mormon or were too conservatively purist to vote for someone who had changed his position on abortion. And that's from a number of studies done by various political organizations and universities. So I think you can lay Obama's re-election on these RINOs, not one anything the hapless left has done.
And this guy is another reason women carry guns.
I guess guys like this are the reason women carry guns.
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A Losing Immigration Strategy

Wally7 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 12:48 AM
Romney would have won if he got the same number of white votes that McCain did in 2008. Obama didn't get out his 2008 vote (10 million short), and Romney didn't get out the 2008 GOP white vote (three million short). The GOP doesn't need to pander to hispanics. The GOP needs to register and get out white voters, including lazy and uninvolved Evangelicals. They should have less reason for religious bigotry in 2016, a mormon won't be running. Let's hope that bigotry doesn't extend to catholics. Rubio and Ryan are catholics.
Kissing the rich man's behind. And while I'm sure it's a nice little behind, Bloomberg has no chance to ever be President of the United States. If we wanted a totalitarian president, we would stick with Obama.
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The News Squashers

Wally7 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 1:01 AM
Gregory has been doing this kind of thing since he got to Washington. A journalist he has never been.
Neither can stand being out of the spotlight for too long. No if Trump had offered $5 million to the Obama PAC he might have had a deal. And If Gloria thinks the voters are going to think that Mitt should have testified to the thing he saw for Staples in his crystal ball, she could be wrong.
He can be proud of Obamacare during his four year off. I'll bet you a buck, if he loses in November, he will run again in 2016, and might even get the democrat nomination. Of course, if the economy bounces back he'll claim credit and claim he would have done it better. There is NO end to the man's self-esteem.
So why aren't we hearing this on the major broadcast networks, evening news? If this had happened in 2004, we would be hearing in it specials 24/7 on ABC,NBC.CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. How can they go on the air and keep a straight face, without at least going through this? The "Evening News" has really lost a step. I don't think you would see this from Binkely and Huntely or Walter Cronkite.
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Incest and Pedophilia, the New Frontier

Wally7 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 12:38 PM
Was the social reaction to the "Pill" the problem, along with the general breakdown in general cultural discipline in America? Wow! In my youth we had a culture, and now we don't. That's fast. really fast. Maybe it goes along with the evolution of technology. Technology evolves, culture devolves? Except that's not really the case in my suburb of Minneapolis. Kids are polite, Dad and Mom teach them the right things. They tolerate out-of-the-mainstream people more, at least somewhat more. I say we still have a culture. We get to have a culture. We have traditional values and institutions. and we are going to keep them. So get out of our faces.
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