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Maxine Waters Post Obama Tax Hikes: The Rich Must Be Taxed More

walls1 Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 9:52 AM
Why, with black unemployment high and black youth unemployment extremely high, did blacks vote for their Messiah at a 96+% rate the second time around in 2012? The ONLY logical answer to me is that blacks MUST be inherently stupid ... with little intelligence and reasoning ability. Perhaps the theories of the late Nobel prize winner, Prof. William Shockley of Stanford, have been proved correct.

Earlier this week, President Obama called for even higher taxes on wealthy Americans in the future to tackle our massive debt and deficit problems even after hiking taxes on 77 percent of Americans in the fiscal cliff deal. Now, ethics challenged Rep. Maxine Waters, who is now the second most powerful member on the House Banking Committee, is following in Obama's footsteps by calling for further soaking of the rich through taxes on Ed Schultz's radio show. Laughably, Waters also suggests the massive cost of Social Security and Medicare can be offset by taxing the rich, even though confiscating...