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Also LACK OF GRAFFITI means it's not an American inner-city train that has been defaced by ghetto bangers.
There were no illegals way back then.
To the UK and all the Euro-weenies, you awarded this black Messiah a Nobel! How's that hope and change working out for YOU?
0-care ... brought to you by Amerikkka's community organizer black Messiah .... who doesn't know shite from shinola.
The IRS ... clean it up? I'd rather blow it up. In fact, it would be nice to blow up several gubmint agencies.
Maybe they'll send L'il Debbie in her place.
The low-info's are in control and have the votes … and the stupidity … vote dem, vote freebies, and vote for a black Messiah. Hope n' change, folks. Fried chicken, anyone?
Zuck the Schmuck needs to meet Sy Sperling ...
Progs are jerks and idiots .... with a heart.
I bet fatter illegals get an even bigger tuition break ...
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