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Michelle Obama Drops "Let's Move" Campaign

Wallac Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 2:16 PM
Funny, how they are making jean for those flat backs you apparently are more familiar , to make them appear to have a "Lardass". I bet secretly you prefer a lardass, is it your fantasy---
JanineC Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 2:51 PM
There is nothing healthy about forcing a set menu on children that are NOT your own. I cannot eat a lot of things that most people can. And when I was in school, I thank goodness that we had a choice and variety. If we didn't, I would never have been able to eat anything at school. For example, a lot of food has creamy stuff, like mayonnaise or cheese sauce or things like that. I cannot eat creamy food.
Wallac Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 2:18 PM
Franksnbeans, either that or you are a "Fat" slob who feels offended by her efforts for healthy living.

New term, new project. First Lady Michelle Obama has quietly dropped her "Let's Move" campaign, the healthy eating push she took on for schools all over the country during her husband's first term.

First Lady Michelle Obama appears to have abandoned, at least for now, her oft-criticized “Let’s Move” initiative to promote exercise and healthy eating among the nation’s youth, halting public appearances and statements related to the program.

Mrs. Obama does not appear to have done anything much to personally publicize the initiative in more than four months – since she released...