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Wow! do you claim to have a better system than the founding Fathers, because they are the ones who set up the system for the states to pay into Federal Gov., and for good reasons, can you think of any? If not than who ever taught you, failed you. The South tried to set up a system such as you proposed, back in 1860, it did not work out so well for them, and it definitely will not work out now. Contrary to what you may believe we are not in the world alone, and the world will not leave us alone, those tax dollars keep us safe, do wish to give that up?
I'm I to understand you believe the Federal Funds come solely from "Texas", or did you mean "Taxes"? Never mind I know what you meant.
Taxation, an system which has been in place since civilize man, what's your point?
State and local governments are deeply tied to federal finances, and they will feel the pain from federal cost cutting and revenue increasing. I'm not here to teach, but you should know these things, everything is connected, after all these are the UNITED STATES.
Each state get Federal Funds according to populations, this was a big issue when the US Constitution was being drafted. The south had this little problem about slaves, and should they be counted as one persons, when they were clearly not fully human. Finally they settle on slaves being counted as 3/4 human which brought their numbers up considerable thus their federal funds. But I've digressed, the state allocates these funds according to their discretion, of course those fund are but a portion of the state budget, but a significant portion. Now if you have a Conservative State Legislature--State Senate and Assembly, do you not think, they are of the same as Federal Conservative?
You obviously do not understand how government and agencies work, or the regulations put in place to govern these agencies; therefore, I will leave you in your ignorance. However I will give you some free advice: Your hatred will soon turn on you, if it hasn't already. It's a monster, that will soon destroy you, it's worst than any drug, an addition that demands constant attention. You will always have to hate something or someone, simply because you really hate yourself. You like so many other are a slave hate, and if you ever realize that, it will be the first step towards your freedom.
The sad thing is while we praise those first responders, conservatives are plotting to cut their funding. It is ironic when the President vowed to spare no expense to bring the culprits to justice, TH posters, called him a liar, and claimed he would do nothing but talk. Well when you see or understand diligence and resources it took to find and bring those criminals to justice, ask yourself could it have been done without the US Government, all the talent, technology, intelligence, and over whelming resources; which lone state could have accomplish this task so fast? Now the GOP, the very ones who wish to cut all these resources, stand up to take credit. Remarkable.
Okay, if you say so, but that's in your world, The real world do not want "extreme", one way or the other, when more conservatives realize that simple truth, as Rubio and others have, they stand a better chance.
"Rubio is an affirmative action hire" and there it is! he was fine, just another human being with ambitions as long as he did your bidding exactly the way you wanted it, but as soon as he use his own mind, and attempt to do something smart and positive, you bigots and racist express your true feeling. Not that it matter, because look where he is, and look at yourself, maybe you should have taken better advantage of your white privilege.
Being popular with the fringe does not translate into votes to when a Presidency, ask Palin. Rubio is no fool, he need the Hispanic vote, and between now and 2016 watch his slide to the middle, he will never make the mistake Mitt made, go hard to the "Extreme" right then at the last minute try to make a break for the middle with the likes of Ryan as a yoke around his neck. Rubio is also aware conservative love to peek in the private citizen's bedrooms, watch how he hand the female vote, and you will know the Tea party/conservatives does have a champion, just another politician with a law degree, but if anyone can save the GOP it will be him.
There I go again, failing to proof read, here is the corrected version: Can anyone twist this current explosion in a way to make it President Obama's fault? Lets hear your theories, please. A reminder, do not just say "it his fault, connect the dots, use some intelligence and imagination, make it plausible.
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