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Bush had already started removing troops from Iraq, try another tract Opantie clone
oooppppssss...who is Commander and Chief and Secretary of State!! Your just an Obama Doll
I wonder if the familys of the slain got a 21 Rubber Bullet Salute?
In this case it could of been avoided if Obama/Clinton would of allowed real weapons.
Obama/Clinton should be charged with Complicity in the Murders of these brave Heros..Not to do so is an Atroicty and slap in the face to every member of our Armed Services.. Rubber Bullets..REALLY!!!!!
95% of what the MSM reports is skewered to depress Republican Votes. Sorry, 2012 the Silent Majority rises AGAIN!!
If our intelligence dosent know where these terrorist are operating out of, mabey we should outsource our intellgence gathering. If it is our dear leader subverting any action then this should also be brought to light.
Can we expect any less from the Commie News Network.
I agree and when Romney is elected there needs to be an investigation into their methods and suppresing of News.
I dont understand how the people of the USA have let the MSM Socialist trample on our right to free flowing news information at home and abroad.
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