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Doctor Spock told the adults of the sixties and seventies we should not spank thos poor little children, it might harm their little brains and grow up to be some kind of monsters. Well I guess there was some wisdom in the old saying "Spare the rod SPOIL the child" and now we have raised several generations of spoiled children who are in turn spoiling there children and the lunacy keeps increasing. No discipline and lack of religion makes for a poor human apparently.
Hey Rock what does all this gibberish have to do with the story at hand? Since you brought up so many good talking points lets talk about the "ownership society" thing, as I recall it was President Bill Clinton who proclaimed that "all Americans deserved to a piece of the American pie" and his administration forced the banks to lower their standards to qualify for home loans. This is where the housing bubble started long before Bush took over. Now back to Sawyers usual biased reporting, remember some years back when ABC and crew as well as Dan Rather were doing all those stories on the straw buyers selling guns to Mexican drug cartels well they have been awfully quite since DOJ got caught selling those guns to the cartels so now they are going at it from another angle using our children as props. It is fact that there are ten times more children killed each year by swimming pool accidents so when is Diane going to start calling for all pools to be closed?
"And its hard to feel sorry about a couple that makes $80,000/yr" so you are jealous of those who have worked their butt off to get something and you think they should help you pay for your healthcare? Yes all you hear from Obuma is "a family of four with say forty thousand income WITH THE SUBSIDY will have lower rates" WELL WHERE DO YOU THINK THE SUBSIDIES ARE GOING TO COME FROM??? The 47% of the people still paying taxes to support the 53% who are sitting on the couch and who thought they were again going to get it for FREE, but OOPPPSSS IT IS NOT ENTIRELY FREE SO NOW YOU DO NOT WANT TO PAY YOUR SHARE. Well I want you to know I work seven days a week to take care of my family not you mooches. I will not argue that there are a few good things about this overall idea but the part no one is paying attention is that it will cost to implement all these good things and someone will have to pay for it. Just wait until you miss a payment to the IRS and they come in Gestapo style and kick you out of your house and take it all to pay your healthcare bill. I do not feel sorry for any liberal.
I think Robert was speaking of Hillarious as the next dictator, do you honestly believe she just gave up and joined his camp without some future promise of the white house? She stepped aside so we could have our first black president and by doing so became the hero who can have it next time.
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Unhinged by Obama

Waldomountainman Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 10:12 AM
"The Supreme Court recognizes an individual right to keep and bear arms." Steve I believe you too are living in somewhat of a fog here, this man and his dictatorship are at this moment backing the signing of the small arms treaty in the UN which would then give them the grounds to remove all small arms from our hands. They know they could never pass legislation to disarm us but with the help of the UN and other nations which have little love for us they will take us down while we sleep. This is only one example of how the Obama dictatorship will change this country, and not change we will like at all.
How right you are Luther, not only have unions infiltrated the public sector in the school systems but the federal government is overwhelmed by union corruption. Good example in point is the Davis Bacon Act which the unions got their buddies in Congress to pass in 1931 mandates any construction project benefiting from any government spending must pay top union scale to ALL non union workers participating on said project while union contractors are allowed to put one journeyman making top dollar with numerous certified apprentices (helpers) at a mere $10.00 an hour on the same job. This process assures only union contractors can have the lowest bids and thus get all the government work because the private sector cannot compete with them.
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