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Al Gore: Yeah, Scott Walker Caused the “Divisiveness” in Wisconsin

WakeUpAmerica Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 8:54 AM
AL 'I invented the Internet' Gore, and his facsist environMENTAL nazis - The Greens, don't know when they got their clock cleaned and legs chopped off all at once! ALL before the corrupt Unions and their ACORN clonesand the other lefty lib NWO loons!

Perhaps in a futile attempt to stay relevant, Al Gore -- the infamous global warming activist and so-called “inventor” of the internet -- recently criticized Governor Scott Walker’s “hard-right-wing” agenda during an appearance on Eliot Spitzer’s show Viewpoint.

You may have heard many cable-news pundits on Tuesday night mulling over the results from Wisconsin’s recall election, but did anyone manage to work in a Billy Joel reference?

That’s what Al Gore is for.

The former veep made a rare foray into the world of punditry by appearing on his Current TV network and its flagship...