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Are the Uninsured Getting a Free Ride?

Wakefield2 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 10:31 AM
"Prior research examining the magnitude of uncompensated care costs estimates that the uninsured used in the range of $56 to $73 billion dollars of health care that they did not pay for in 2008, with about 2/3 of this amount attributed to hospital care" ___________________________________________________ 66% of $73 billion is $49 billion, hombre. The 2/3 rds part is exactly in line with Goodman's claim, based on the study's numbers. So, that's the upper range estimate from this government study, which in turn got it's numbers from a couple of pro-socialized meds advocacy groups. The Goodman numbers were reported correctly since he was focusing on the hospital bills for purposes here of talking about uncompensated care and "cost shifting

A new government report says uninsured patients are generating $49 billion in unpaid hospital bills every year.

Put aside the fact that most of us don't have much confidence in the way hospitals calculate what we owe and take that number at face value. It comes out to a little more than $1,000 per uninsured person per year.

Does that mean that the average uninsured patient is getting $1,000 of free medical care paid for by you and me? A lot of supporters of ObamaCare would like you to think so. That's why we need a mandate, they...