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Ohio Early Voting: Romney Closes the Gap?

wa_ray_ancel Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 6:44 PM
Let's ask some tough, hard to swallow questions to the Republicans here. Is TRICARE government run health care? Is this an example of socialism? Is the VA an example of government run health care, hence socialism? Please, let me explain. Now, I've heard that "socialism" is the "redistribution of wealth." True? Perhaps. It seems to me that TriCare and the Veteran's Administration are both socialist in nature. Can't we all agree that this redistribution of wealth may be described as a "redistribution of wealth from those who have not served our country, to those who have valiantly served our country?" Nevertheless, this seems to meet the definition of socialism....

This information may be more substantive than anything in my previous "tea leaves" post, if it pans out.  Tweets from three sharp analysts, based on the available early voting data in Ohio:

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