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Gary Johnson is a fiscal conservative who believes in a minimum size constitutional government that keeps its nose out of an individual's private affairs as long as the use of force (or threat of force) is not in play. That's a socially liberal position based on individual rights and freedom. Conservative Republicans want to limit social freedom. Liberal Democrats want to limit economic freedom. Libertarians support both social freedom and economic freedom.
Socially Liberal Fiscal Conservatives did NOT vote for Obama - they voted for Gary Johnson.
If God knows whether I am going to heaven or hell before I am born, I do NOT have free will.
If Jesus ever spoke of "God" in Aramaic, he probably used the word "Allah". As I understand it, he was not allowed to utter the word "Yahweh".
So put God in the Super Large Hadron Collider and see if any evidence of his existence can be detected. I'll wager none.
Would you please post a video with a recording of his voice?
On the contrary, Yahweh, Jehovah, and Allah are all the same Supreme Being. All three religions consider the God of the Old Testament as part of their religion. He just has different names in each religion. And a faith-based belief in God is, by scientific definition, a rather primitive and childlike notion of reality akin to my brother-in-laws belief in The Happy Hunting Grounds.
I can't say it any better than Ayn Rand: "Existence exists and consciousness is conscious." I do know that I share more than 98% of my DNA with a chimpanzee and that my genetics are lots less complex than the genetics of an ear of corn.
When one resorts to ad hominem attacks, one automatically loses the argument and the respect of any rational person. Faith attempts (and fails) to make sense of the unknown but faith is not a tool of knowledge. However, the scientific method is indeed a tool of knowledge. I personally don't see any difference at all in a five-year-old child's faith in Santa Claus and an adult's faith in God. What makes one faith-based concept better than any other?
If it makes one feel good to do something for others, that is "charity" and does not meet Ayn Rand's definition of "altruism". Ayn Rand's definition of altruism includes not wanting to perform the altruistic act and performing it anyway even though it makes one feel bad to do so. I don't know the Russian word for "altruism" but that is probably where Ayn Rand got her definition.
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