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She should be denied all the sacraments of the Catholic Church.
Almost everyone knew this would happen. Richard M. Nixon on Steroids.
What do you expect from Comrade Bill.
Way to go Phil. You have to deal with a lot of small minded people there.
Well another place I won't eat. Starbucks, Subway, Jack in the box, all the other places that don't allow CC of open carry. Now if someone wants to make a statement, they go to Jack in the box and open fire, knowing no one is armed.
John Kerry, anti American, anti Israel, pro climate change, pro abortion, pro IDIOT.
That Hopey Changey thing is really working out well.
Rule #8 Leroy Jethro Gibbs, there are no coincidences!!!!!!
Not a smidgen of corruption, then why not testify, there is no harm in telling the truth, Only people who have something to hide ask for imunity or refuse to testify.
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