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NO! I'm simply driving my semi through the OBVIOUS logic hole left by Leah when she said: "it’s more accurate to say that 'civilians' have prevented more mass shootings than 'gun-free zones' have."
Sorry, the gun show loophole is a GAPING HOLE in the "policies and laws that are supposed to prevent people like this from obtaining ANY weapon" So you support closing the gun show loophole? I thought you would. See, that wasn't hard.
Sorry, Chrysler was earlier than that: Realizing that the company would go out of business if it did not receive a significant amount of money to turn the company around, Iacocca approached the United States Congress on September 7, 1979 and asked for US$1.5 billion in loan guarantees. Congress reluctantly passed the "Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979" Pub.L. 96-185 on December 20, 1979 (signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on January 7, 1980), prodded by Chrysler workers and dealers in every congressional district who feared the loss of their livelihoods."
Republicans have run up more debt than Democrats. It's a easy FACT to verify. So what's your response? Let me guess - you'll call me a liar. Because that's the limit of your intellect...
"So the government won't try to cheat its way out of actually fixing the debt crisis by minting the coin; in a sense, this is great news, since such a move would be financially irresponsible and politically disastrous." Sadly, this will NOT keep Republicans from DESTROYING the United States credit rating by refusing to raise the statutory debt ceiling and denying the treasury the ability to make a payment on Uncle Sam's credit card to pay for bills on goods and services ALREADY PURCHASED by congress. You people CANNOT be so dumb that you don't understand that the debt ceiling is NOT A BUDGETING TOOL - yet you continue to pretend that you don't. Shame on you! Especially YOU, Kate!
"and I ANSWERED you SEVERAL hours AGO" No, you did NOT "answer it". If I missed it (and I'm confident I didn't) - go ahead and RE-POST your thoughtful response again. You won't - because you know the only reasonable answer will PO your brain-dead posse on TH...
"obama is recommending it." What?
Only if you exist in TH propaganda-land... Which you and most others here do. Obama is RIGHT-OF-CENTER! And we libs are NOT happy with his policies - WAY too much like Bush's policies... Laugh all you want - 10 years from now, when the history is uncontroversial, you'll recall that guy on TH who knew what he was talking about.
No, you've proven yourself to be a typical TH ideologue - you REFUSE to answer that simple question I have posted about 10 times in the last few days. Just like all the other times, NOT ONE OF YOU KOOKS will answer it. Why not? Because you KNOW the ONLY rational answer is YES. And that will set your TH torch and pitchfork brethren against you. Because there's no room for reasonableness here on TH. Your car "analogy" followed by your airplane "analogy" are not straw-men, those are called NON SEQUITUR logical fallacies. You're an educator? I would think you would know your logical fallacies if you were, in fact, a teacher. So, McGovern, you are neither psychic nor an educator. Most likely, you dig ditches for a living...
I know - ALL nutters do is make up straw men to "scare" people into thinking Obama is something OTHER than he is. It's worked in the little circle of ideological sycophants. But that's pretty much it. Nowhere else. Obama is a right-of-center president and will probably cut social programs and already has cut the deficit through $2.4 Trillion in spending cuts and made the unnecessarily low tax rates permanent.
Ha ha ha! Alex Wagner - a pundit on a cable news channel responded to Bill Maher, on HBO: "Let's ask Alex. What would you change in the Constitution?" That's what you got? A cable TV pundit? And based on a DIRECT QUESTION ABOUT WHAT SHE WOULD CHANGE IN THE CONSTITUTION on a comedy show... So, NO ONE of importance or influence is talking about it. Do you think our policies should attempt to keep folks like Lanza, Holmes and Laughner from gaining access assault weapons? ANSWER THAT ONE QUESTION! Because THAT is the ONLY question! NONE of you has tried... Why not? Well, McGovern?
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