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Ahead of Debate Robert Gibbs Has High Expectations for Obama

Voting_GOP_2012 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:58 PM
This is still the Bush/Bernanke bull market. TARP was passed, and the financial system was saved, on George W. Bush's watch (October 2008). The Fed.'s money printing bonanza and the zero funds rate also saved the financial system and created near limitless wealth. Obama's alleged 'brilliance' had nothing to do with saving anything. Millions of voters are waking up to the fact that without a teleprompter and pre-screened questions Obama is an inept, bumbling wealth spreader, which is why his polls have been in free-fall since the debate. GM deserved to fail, and that issue isn't registering with voters even though Obama keeps beating the 'auto recovery' like a dead horse. It's time to cut taxes, not defense.

HEMPSTEAD, NY - Typically, campaigns downplay expectations for their candidate during debates, but this time around former White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs is trying to assure undecided voters and the left base that President Obama won't do as poorly tonight in New York as he did in Denver a few weeks ago.