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The First Term of Obama Has Been a Failure... of America

votedagainstcarter Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 8:52 PM
As Annfan_777 stated,... YOU ARE clueless. As for your "having taught college level American Government" My response is,... "face palm". It is NO wonder then, WHY most young people today have very little understanding of BASIC government function. You really have no idea what you are "teaching" when you advocate getting rid of the electoral collage. I would strongly recommend YOU removing your RECTALHAT prior to posting next time .

The first term of the Obama administration has been a complete failure -- a complete failure of Americans to deserve the great president they elected.

President Obama has done everything for you. He spent billions to create you dozens of new green jobs. He's given you amazing new health care laws. He even wore a flag pin a couple of times, though that had to disgust him. And his poor wife has done all she can to put up with the sight of your fat children waddling around everywhere. And yet you shout and shake your fat fists at him like...