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ALL part of the "PLAN". Part 2 of CLOWARD & PIVEN strategy. OVER load the "system",... making it impossible to accommodate any boarder control. Eliminating our southern boarder. AND pissing EVERY American patriot off. POKE, POKE,..nudge, nudge. It IS for your OWN good all you racist tea party advocates. (sarc.) oh,.. AND of COURCE barry knows what's BEST for you,.. you bitter clingers. The democRAT party at it's BEST.
Boy I for one CAN NOT WAIT to see these in stores. Won't have to deal with morons trying to take my order.
You shall reap what you sew,... STUPID democRATs. Obama -"IF you LIKE your health care, you can KEEP your health care". NOT. LIER in chief.
I STILL wonder just WHY it is that the MAJORITY of us have to kow-tow to 1% at most, of the population? AWWwww did you little feeling get hurt??? GROW a pair woosys.
The WHOLE point of OBAMACARE IS/WAS to nationalize U.S. healthcare. PERIOD. The democRATs KNEW it would/is destroying the insurance and health care industries. That is/was the ONLY way they could take it over and institute a "single payer"-i.e. TOTALY run government healthcare. They just thought it would take longer to blow up. Obamacare is/was DESINED to fail from the get go.
Wait,... What,...? I thought it was all "The EVIL BUSH's" fault.
ericynot1,.. PLEASE remove your RECTALHAT prior to posting. YOU are an IDIOT. STOP proving it with EVERY post you make.
Welcome to DETROIT MI., U.S.A.,... Coming to YOUR town SOONER than you think! Brought to you by the Obama Administration,... democRAT party,... And controlled by the the UAW, AFLCIO, SEIU,... ALL the UNION's in AMERICA.
Detroit MI. U.S.A.,...brought you you by the Obama administration, the DemocRAT party OWNED by the unions. Coming to YOUR town SOON! (if you let it)
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