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America, Love It Or Leave It

votedagainstcarter Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 3:06 PM
uhm,.. Can we say STRAW-MAN argument,.. YES WE CAN. You LOOSE. ijut.
taft,... PLEASE remove your rectalhat prior to posting. You are intellectually challenged. Please stop proving it with EVERY post you make.
islam is NOT a religion. PERIOD. islam IS a FACIST, PEDOPHILE, DEATH CULT. PERIOD.
The DESTRUCTION of America STARTED with Woodrow Wilson enacting the 13th amendment and the 17th amendment. It will end with obama's pen and telephone. The U.S. Constitution not withstanding.
WHY,... when sexual deviants are ONLY 1.3% of the population (that breaks out to about 1.5 sexual deviants out of 250 people),... must we accommodate their attempt at forced "normalization? I do NOT care what consenting ADULTS do in the PRIVACY of their own home,... But trying to FORCE me to condone their sexual deviant behavior? Sorry kids,.. NOT happening.
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A Moral Universe Torn Apart

votedagainstcarter Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 4:12 PM
Abortin IS murder. Legally sanctioned,.. but murder none the less. And by the way ,.. there is NOTHING in the US constitution at all about abortion. The Supreme Court pulled it out of thin air.
We NOW LIVE IN A "BANANA REPUBLIC". So that is what obama meant when he said he was going to,... "FUN-DHU-MENTALY transform America".
IF you LIKE higher taxes,... vote democRAT IF you LIKE higher energy costs,... vote democRAT IF you LIKE common core,... vote democRAT IF you LIKE more welfare,... vote democRAT IF you LIKE higher gas prices,... vote democRAT IF you LIKE racist crony capitalism,... vote democRAT IF you LIKE illegal alien amnesty,... vote democRAT IF you believe in glow-BULL-warming,... vote democRAT IF you believe sexual deviants should be "normalized" ,... vote democRAT IF you believe in wealth redistribution,... vote democRAT IF you want MORE fire arms control,... vote democRAT If you hate FREE SPEACH,... vote democRAT
ALL part of the "PLAN". Part 2 of CLOWARD & PIVEN strategy. OVER load the "system",... making it impossible to accommodate any boarder control. Eliminating our southern boarder. AND pissing EVERY American patriot off. POKE, POKE,..nudge, nudge. It IS for your OWN good all you racist tea party advocates. (sarc.) oh,.. AND of COURCE barry knows what's BEST for you,.. you bitter clingers. The democRAT party at it's BEST.
Boy I for one CAN NOT WAIT to see these in stores. Won't have to deal with morons trying to take my order.
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