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Well said.
Unfortunately, the world is becoming more and more rigged to make sure that young people remain dependant on their parents for as long as possible. This then allows them the "luxury" of continuing to buy in to the reality-starved philosophy of liberalism/socialism/communism/progressivism. As a result, Democrats have an incentive to keep young people on the government plantation for as long as possible (exactly the same thing they do with minorities, but with minorities the impact -- due to out of control welfare and various social constructs -- is far greater and longer lasting for most. So yes, Millennials will become more conservative as they begin to have a stake in the game, just like every other generation. The problem is that they are not growing up -- in terms of the level of responsibility they have for their own lives -- as quickly as past generations and therefore are voting for their slave masters for more election cycles than did their predecessors.
"Whether Strickler is sincere or not is now a moot point." Why? If he is sincerely sorry, shouldn't we accept that apology? If he is not, shouldn't we reject it? If we expect people to apologize for doing wrong, then shouldn't we at least try to accept that apology? Isn't it a good thing when someone realizes they made a mistake and admits it? Sure, we can pick apart his apology by saying things like "I wish he would have said X" or "I bet he just did it because he doesn't want to lose out to competitors," but what do those things prove? I say, accept the apology, perhaps ask that he make Kickstarter's policy clear to management/employees so that this does not happen again. At least give someone a chance to reverse course. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone."
In 2013, in the United States of America, Christians are not allowed to repeat what their religion teaches (but everyone else is free to openly mock Christians). Robertson has been suspended indefinitely by A&E (which is a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC Television Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company). The rest of the cast should stand with him and refuse to do the show -- or do the show and constantly mention on the show how poorly liberals in this country treat Christians. Phil's crime --- he believes in Jesus (people of other faiths are allowed to speak out against homosexuality). Land of the free?
They don't know how to spell it, they only know how to draw or give the peace sign. Don't make fun of them, it is the new common core spelling.
I agree, it doesn't make it right. But I feel a liile worse for those who voted against the democrats and are suffering than I do for those who helped them come to power. Mr. Gisler, if it was you who made those donations, I hope the next time around you remeber what the democrats did to you and your son.
Ah, the things one must agree to do in order to win "sexiest man alive."
Is this the same John Gisler who donated $500 to Obama's campaign in 2008 and donated $1250 to two other democrats running for congress in 2004? See
"Talking Sense?" What part of "I’m one of the few people who have believed, and continue to believe, that in the end this thing will work pretty good” makes sense to you?
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A Very Dangerous Game

VostraGuida Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 10:40 AM
Can we please stop using liberal terminology like Knockout "GAME" to describe what is nothing more than an assault? They do this in an attempt to diminish what is happening. Don't go along with it. The criminal sitting on death row did not play the "Stab 'em Game" he committed murder. BREAKING NEWS: "This just in ... homeowners are falling victim to an alarming rise in the "Stealing Game" where people are breaking into homes and taking things that don't belong to them. In other news, a local drug dealer was seen playing the "Get People High Game" when witnesses saw him selling drugs to people in the neighborhood."
"Racism is the last bullet in the leftist arsenal?" I think you mean, "Racism is the first, the last, and almost every bullet in between in the leftist arsenal."
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