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Problems With the Truth: Confessions of a 22-Year Rick Santorum Observer

voslucky Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 9:55 AM
Just as mittens will be done after the november election because why elect socialism lite in mittens when obama is the real deal socialist!

I’ve known Rick Santorum for 22 years, having first met him in 1990 before he’d won his first campaign for Congress. I interviewed him on WORD-FM, an evangelical Christian radio station where I was a frequent guest host (and eventually a full-time host) early in his campaign.

If I was not the first media personality to interview Rick, I was one of the first. I had Rick as a guest at the request of my friend, Mark Rogers, who was running Rick’s campaign. Over the years I interviewed Rick at least a dozen times and debated him several times as...
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