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If its because of teachers Romney became a millionaire, what happens to all the other 27 kids in the class?
Our school systems suck because we got arrogant teacher unions protesting in states like Wisconsin to make more money. 84, 000 a year average in Wisconsin when the national average is 45. But it's for the children. Lol. Our system sucks because bad teachers don't get punished for doing a poor job. And good ones don't get rewarded. No teacher will lose his/her job if all they're students fail. I know if I fail at my job I get canned.
This is what the left provides for the poor in this country. Detroit, Memphis,Miami, Milwaukee, Cleveland,new Orleans, st.louis. 83% democratic mayors since the 50's. yeah republicans want to cut spending for schools. Under bush Detroit public schools spent 20-30 thousand dollars per student per year. That's in the worst school system in the country. That's not enough to help a kid graduate? I know because I was one of the ones who graduated.
You know what they do in Europe who don't have the money to pay for health care when they go to the doctor? " there's the door" that's what they tell you. Same "universal s h I t" he pushed here. He's gonna have 10,000000 more people on health care with out adding 1 doctor. Lolololol. Sounds good. I'm 26 years old, I'm married and I can afford health insurance for me and my wife making 40 thousand a year. I'm a middle classer. I do it because I found a phucking way. I don't want anyone's damn money. I'd rather starve than rely on someone else. That's the difference between red and blue
How about your 500 billion dollar tax hike on the middle class for obama care? Remember..." People making under 250,000 a year will not see a penny of tax increase so long as I'm president"? Remember? Now we have the largest tax increase in u.s. history on what Biden said the middle class which has been down in the dirt the past four years. Yes largest tax hike on the weakest class. Health care makes up 1/6 of our economy.
Maybe you should get wrapped up in limbaugh, might tweak that bird brain of yours. If we taxed the wealthiest 100% and eliminated both the Iraq and afghan war. It would wipe out a whopping 1% of the debt. Great idea.
No we should hop on board with the addition 6 trillion we added under Obama in 4 years. When he called bush un American for spending 4 in 8 years. And the government now is 2 and a half times bigger under Obama than bubba bush. The reason why Obama got elected was because he ran as a moderate and even had republicans voting for him because they new that yeah there was s*** bush did that they didn't like. So keeping crying at bush. Your a liberal so you don't take responsibility for a phucking thing.
Don't forget that the 47% pay NOTHING IN FEDERAL INCOME TAX. Top 5% pay 70% alone. Top 50 pay 100%. You forgot that one.
What would you call it moron? That's why it was called the "war in Lybia" regardless. Any act of war declared on another country must go through congress first. Stop being a weenie like our president and just go in the tank. Go vote for your boy because it makes you a good white person. Low life
This president is a joke....the left contradicts everything they stand for. They can't even live with they're own values. I stick to everything I stand for. You wanna see where this country is headed go to kosovo where my parents are from and you'll get a wonderful preview.
Did you all know 500 soldiers in Afghanistan died under 8 years of bush? 1500 under Obama in 4 years. How about that for foreign policy. When those soldiers burned pages of the Koran, they were told to do that. This president is nothing but a joke. He said his mother was his greatest political influence. She was a known commie. If my dad was a known kkk member and I said he was my greatest influence. What would that make me?
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