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First u r a liberal then a catholic . A liberal then a Jew . Milton friedman can explain economics, poverty, minumum wage, maybe that ignorant nun can learn something . Libreralism is a mental disorder.
I have a bus load voting for Romney brother.
Didn't Obama extend the bush tax cuts you punk? Which is the only reason this country has not double dipped....yet!
Common sense which I have and you don't, makes for a conservative, "grammar" makes for your candy a s s liberals. You enjoy your spelling and grammar skills. I'll enjoy my life and my money.
I think it's more of reflection on you which is why your an Obama supporter. Couldn't handle life so your looking for someone to do it for you. My father came here from kosovo couldn't read or write but started his own construction conmpany and is one of the ones Obama calls lucky and privileged. That's right my dad who can write and has a thick accent is eating your lunch you low life. Enjoy my families money. You were born here and your still a hack. Where are you today? You got your knee pads on so you can bark like a trained seal for this president? Weezle!!!
You got an Obama phone?
Actually a lot of people like him. You don't even like Obama, you vote for him so you can say " hey look I'm one of the good white people who voted for him". Remember Chris Mathews? If you don't vote for his second term your a racist? So people 4 years ago were not racists but now they are because they opened they're eyes and are voting for Romney. Hahahaha! Your the first one I mentioned
I know that...I made that point earlier. Like I said he has contradicted everything he's ever said. Except for one thing. Fundamentally changing this country.
Dude no one in my family can stand this guy, I was born in Detroit. But they escaped that place for exact reasons this guy is forcing his garbage on us. In kosovo everyday at noon in certain cities all shops and stores have to close down for two hours to save electricity. Lolol.
If its because of teachers Romney became a millionaire, what happens to all the other 27 kids in the class?
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