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Conservatives Embrace Fancy Book Learnin’!

vlandry Wrote: Jan 20, 2014 4:55 PM
Oh by the way, I'm a conservative, southern, white, male. I have a degree in political science and I'm a member of Mensa. For all you uneducated libs, that's a society of people with I.Q's in the top 2%.
John147 Wrote: Jan 20, 2014 7:33 PM
Really? Did you know that "mensa" is spanish slang for a stupid and gullible female?!!!! Look it up genius
John147 Wrote: Jan 20, 2014 7:36 PM
Oops. Sorry dude. Didn't mean to trash another conservative. But my statement about mensa still stands. The "smartest" people are those that keep their mouths shut, don't call unnecessary attention to themselves, observer and strike at the most appropriate time with the information they've gleaned.
Darby O'Gill Wrote: Jan 20, 2014 5:58 PM
vlandry....glad for the company....:o)