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vladwe Wrote: Dec 31, 2014 7:02 AM
I have read somewhere that NYT is not doing so well financially. Let us hope it will drown in debt and just vanish. ALL MSM - in America and in the industrialized world - ought to be allowed to die out and be replaced by new media, dominated by common sense and (recalling yesterday's wise words from Dr. Sowell) unconditional respect for facts and science. I mean real science, not the Al Gore disguise variety.
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Are Facts Obsolete?

vladwe Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 7:08 AM
It sure seems as if facts, all kinds of facts including laws (domestic and international), are treated as old junk by the media. The public gets most of their information from the media. Then they elect politicians according to the info they have. These are sad times. Facts, truth, law, science - nobody cares any more. What the world needs is to reaffirm the simple principle that facts are facts. Gallileo could in 1633. Can't we in 2015?
The media have fooled me this time: I actually thought he was a bona-fide Protestant pastor... What a fraud!
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2014: The Year The Liberal Lies Died

vladwe Wrote: Dec 29, 2014 7:29 AM
Mr. Schlichter, you are right. More than you think. Seen from an American perspective, it is the Liberals, who constantly lie, because they believe that the "end justifies the means". In Europe it is the Socialists, the "Greens", the "Free Palestine", the "anti-racists" and their near-total domination of the media, in particular the tax-payer funded TV. In Russia it is the man at the top and his entire state apparatus, incl. the "justice" system, while the media are more mendacious than Stalin's used to be. And our (and your...) socialist media are too happy to distribute Russian lies and omissions. And Arab... And Iranian... And Cuban... Let us hope the new wave of truth will take firm root in the US and then gradually spread thru the world. It has happened before. It is about time it happened again.
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The Rise of Putinism

vladwe Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 5:29 AM
I can agree with some of Mr. Buchanan's statements, but I think there is a huge differenct between Shinzo Abe of Japan and XI Jinping of China. Xi is both a brutal imperial chauvinist (all but destroying the non-Han Chinese parts of his empire) and a Communist (keeping a tight grip on Hong Kong). Abe has not tried to restore Japan's rule over foreign lands. And the Japanese are both free and rather affluent... As for Modi, there are big hopes invested in his new Government. Let us hope India will live up to its potential. In a free democracy and marke economy.
The way I understand it, also mainly based on Dr K's analyses, Sen. Feinstein is personally mad at the CIA, apparently because she found out they have spied on her precious committee... The problem is that none of the caveats and critique raised on the veracity, the accuracy, and the timing of releasing the report have made it to MSM, in particular in Europe. Most European journalists are both lazy, ignorant, and have a political agenda of their own, which nicely coincides with that of Prez Obama and his Dems. After decades of painting the US (the CIA in particular) as the devil incarnate, the European MSM have convinced a large part of the population. Truth and fairness be damned. And it also makes for a rather quiet life, with very little effort required... Watching TV news shows in Europe has long been a masochistic experience...
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Is it the Torture or the Telling

vladwe Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 8:06 AM
Bob is right. The worrying part is the timing. The Feinstein & Co. Report are supposed to show that America acknowledges its mistakes and learns from them. That would be a noble undertaking in a time of peace and quiet, like the 50s or the 90s. But now? Is the fact that the Dems will no longer head that Sen. Intel Committee more important than keeping the CIA (and all other law enforcement and defense agencies) at their highest level of efficiency and morale? Does ms. Feinstein et al. realize how their report was presented in e.g. Western Europe?
Of course, Brennan's statement was described by the likes of BBC and CNN as "supporting" Ms. Feinstein's report, since he did only characterize the info obtained thru EIT as "useful", not instrumental or essential in e.g. getting to bin Laden or averting major attacks. BTW Brennan used to work at the Agency during the period in question. A different story is what Sen. McCain is saying. He is critical of the EIT, and makes the good point that under torture a detainee will say anything to make the torture stop. That is: also inaccurate or useless info. The major problem in my view is that the report - universally labeled a "Senate Report" - is great ammo for all unsavory regimes of this sad world of ours in their information war. At a time, when ISIL, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezballah and you know the rest of them are stepping up their offensive. And there is a larger pattern here: all this takes place at the same time as the massive attack on police for alleged racism... How does that make the US look in the world? And you maybe think that the US MSM is lefty? If you only knew the MSM in Western Europe, not to speak of the media in the "developing" world.
The new technologies also cost money. Is the profitability of those linked to the oil price? Does it still pay to get shale oil out of the ground when the barrel is a mere $ 64? OPEC openly stated that their goal is to make new US drilling too expensive and thus eliminate it.
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Hollywood Hypocrites

vladwe Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 8:42 AM
I would beg to disagree with the vocabulary: hypocrisy does not hit on the head: it is a lie. And lie has been the hallmark of all types of socialism. The most brutal of all, Stalin's, was the "Soviet Union". "Soviet" means a council, implying democracy. It was the exact opposite. "Union" implies that the "republics" (union members) were free to decide their fate and collectively that of the "Union". Not quite... This is the Conservatives' greatest asset: the truth.
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Fascist Fact Checkers Can Apologize Now

vladwe Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 10:18 AM
Some news outlets claimed that the cheaper oil makes shale oil too expensive to produce. Is that true? Could part of OPEC's calculus be that the US fracking should end because of low oil prices? I hope not!
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