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Jailed for Nonpayment of Child Support - But it's Not His Child

Vladilyich Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 9:46 AM
I have been in similar situations several times. While all of the claimed children were mine, I was placed in absolutely untenable situations. My first wife was awarded $150/week more than I grossed. The judge in my second divorce looked me squarely in the eye and state: "You know why I'm here? My job is to make certain that you are screwed to the fullest extent of the law." I was. My third wife got support until my son was 21 and had been a Marine for three years. In all three cases I lost ALL assets (houses, property, savings, 401K, etc.). I finally left the country after being jailed several times on trumped up charges. "Family Court" has nothing to do with family and everything to do with welfare for the woman.

The feminists have ratcheted up the laws against men to such an outrageous level that paternity fraud is not just ignored, but routinely rubber stamped by the courts. Whether one agrees with the concept of child support or not, virtually everyone can agree that jailing men for child support over children who are not theirs is morally wrong. Men are routinely sent to jail for falling behind on paying child support, even though debtors' prisons in the U.S. were mostly eliminated in the mid-nineteenth century.

The family courts and laws are set up in such a way that makes it very...