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Is There a Shortage of Physical Gold?

Vladilyich Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 9:28 AM
If you have any gold in coins or bullion, DO NOT STORE IT IN THE BANK!!! There was a story yesterday where the Swiss banks are refusing to give gold back to their depositors as part of the new EU rules. The suspicion is that THERE IS NO MORE GOLD. It is being hoarded privately. Fort Knox is no longer the U.S. repository for America's deposits and the Russians and Saudis are demanding theirs back. Coming soon, gold confiscations by the government A LA the 1930's.
Frank130 Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 9:40 AM
"If you have any gold in coins or bullion, DO NOT STORE IT IN THE BANK!!!"
Yes!! Do not buy "paper gold or silver" (like in GLD or SLV or from the COMEX & have it "stored" in an approved "Depository" where you pay storage charges, but never get real delivery of your gold & silver).
Do not store silver or gold delivered to you in a bank safety deposit box.
Vladilyich Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 10:25 AM
I meant to mention that there is a little known law (or maybe it's just an executive order) that allows any DHS agent to walk into any bank and demand that they open safe deposit boxes. Theoretically to prevent the funding of terrorists, but in actuality, so that they can confiscate (i.e., steal) any contents they find.

Demand for gold coins has surged following the record price plunge in gold last week. Demand is so high that the U.S. Mint Runs Out of Smallest American Eagle Gold Coin.

The U.S. Mint ran out its smallest American Eagle gold coin after demand surged following the biggest drop in futures prices in 33 years.

Sales of the coins weighing a 10th of an ounce were suspended after demand more than doubled in 2013 from a year earlier, the Mint said today in a statement. Total sales of American Eagles in April have almost...