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He'd look like a 1st century rabbi, you goof!
Zoroastrians, excuse me.
Definitely Zoroastians or Bahai. /s
Well, seriously, what would you want him to do? If he just let all that stupid build up inside, he'd eventually explode! BLAM!!!
Were you offering to help? ... Bring ammo!!!
"Why did every city in America once have a red light district where you could go to any number of brothels, and now it's unheard of?" Nowadays in school they teach girls the same skills and morals as the professionals, so there's reduced demand for brothels. It'd be kind of nice if that sort of thing was neatly confined to the red light district, actually.
"Try to keep up." He's trying, he's just not very smart.
"No one wants to include this concept in modern conversation about gun control." Another point that you make that is very important, & which most people shy away from, is that the targets in such a scenario would be the POLITICIANS & their lackey supporters ... not military/police or regulars of any sort. I repeatedly hear this garbage about how "they have tanks! Artillery! Helicopters!" Well, so did JFK. A lot of good it did him. It's also worth pointing out that the US has exponentially more advanced military technology than Islamic terrorists, but the left is still scared sh!tless of them and believes that Islamofascism is destined to win in the long run. I think that's a pretty significant hint right there, too.
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