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"Happy Jake Wrote: 4 minutes ago (9:43 AM) Right, and live under Hitler, Castro, Chavez, Mussolini, Kim, or Stalin? I'll keep the religion, thanks." Mussolini tolerated/approved of Catholicism, so bad example.
(rauljg)- Did someone say that? Chechen Muslim terrorists have long been known to be allied with Al Qaeda; some Chechens are members, though most Chechen terrorists belong to their own regional organizations. Most likely explanation is that they were expendable stooges instructed to carry out this attack by Al Qaeda. I actually really doubt that a couple of random Muslims just got together and decided they'd carry out a terrorist attack entirely on their own initiative.
I looked it up, because that didn't sound right, but near as I can tell, Chechnya is NOT considered part of the Balkans. So that joke's a flop on several levels.
... are afraid to even be perceived as having said an unkind word to a leftist. Expect the national Republican party to go with #1, the "Off to the Glue Factory we go!" platform.
Let's evaluate these options. 1. This always makes me facepalm. Do you remember what happened to Boxer? It's just so emotionally satisfying to believe that conviction and hard work win out in the long run ... but in real life, that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee. 2. This would be smart, but don't expect it to fly. Wouldn't want to hurt hispanics' feelings, that wouldn't be nice. 3. Well ... violence doesn't lie. It's firm, unequivocal, uncompromising, and objective. It doesn't care about clever reasoning, dialectic materialism, Paul Krugman, or WHAT Ralph Waldo Emerson had to say. While it's not surefire, it has a proven track record throughout history of being decisive. But scratch that too, because most Republicans ...
In all seriousness, though, the right really only has three options in this country. 1. Keep pushing the same messaging, just hope that somehow rephrasing & more passionate appeals will do the trick. "I will work harder" as Boxer in Animal Farm used to say. 2. Control demographic growth in such a way as to be advantageous to Republicans. All this would take is NOT allowing any more Mexicans into the country. Republicans have a significant edge when it comes to reproduction, because, y'know, they actually LIKE marriage and children. The leftist inability to reproduce effectively is why there are fewer & fewer white democrats born into each generation, and hence the need to bring in Mexican replacements. 3. Revolution. Worked in Spain.
And tallest, too, according to Herodotus. He IS taller than everyone else in the picture.
Look at the fellow on the right in the picture. Then look up a picture of Haile Selassie. It may just be a sub-ethnicity in Ethiopia, but I kind of thought that Ethiopians had finer features, lighter skin, and generally just looked more like Europeans than other people from Africa. ("The best looking and longest-lived" people in the world, according to Herodotus.)
He'd look like a 1st century rabbi, you goof!
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