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On The Arab Spring

Vito29 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 9:37 AM
Sheik Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he coined the phrase "Arab Spring". His June 4, 2009 Cairo speech set the stage for what we are seeing today and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood to gain control of the Middle East. Afterall the Muslim Brotherhood had been BANNED in Egypt, yet Sheik Obama demanded they have a seat at his speech, undermining then Pres Mubarack. No, this Arab Spring was designed to create chaos, just like a good Community Organizer. Sec. State Clinton is complicit in the death of Ambassador Stevens, two Navy Seals and Computer Manager Sean Smith. Clinton and Obama are both derelict in their duties! But this is Obama's Spring, Fall and Winter. Sadly Israel's security is now deeper in jeopardy than ever.

Have you been following the events in the Middle East? I have been paying attention. It disgusts me.
Especially if you focus on the events in Libya. The behavior of the animals that attacked our embassies makes me mad.

Obama and his administration are blaming a movie. But, they should be blaming themselves. Why?

1. They received intelligence 48 hours before any attacks that there may be attacks on their embassies. The intelligence wasn’t specific, but with the anniversary of 9/11, you’d think you’d want everyone on alert.

2. Marines weren’t armed with bullets. They weren’t locked and loaded....

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