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Obama Finally in Real Trouble

Vito29 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 9:48 AM
Joe, in my opinion you hit the nail on the head. While Gov. Romney walked all over Obama in this last debate, we know Obama is not done. He will lie, cheat and steal his way out of this debacle along with the willing accomplices in the Establishment Media. There is nothing graceful about Obama. He's a liar and a thug. No one is to challenge him, especially since he is now the sitting President. Obama is a classless individual that will seek to destroy his opponent. Wonder what their October surprise will be? They already had to use one lifeline in September after he got our U.S. Ambassador and two Navy Seals killed and started tanking in the polls. What's next?
Davole Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 11:33 AM
Vito -

The election campaign has changed - many of Obama's talking heads and posteriors in the mainstream media are now severely criticizing their false messiah whom they previously adored.

Mitt Romney, as was clear to all who watched the first presidential debate, channeled Ronald Reagan right down to the glistening hair and respectful smiling face that listened as his opponent tap-danced and stutter-stepped his way to a resounding thumping in the contest.

Several post-debate polls for varying news organizations such as CNN and Newsmax showed that the voters who watched the debate viewed President Obama's lackluster performance as a clear victory for Gov. Romney. So clear, in fact, as to outdistance the margin of perceived victory measured in most past presidential debates where same night post-debate surveys were...